Salted Egg Cheesecake Gelato by Manila Creamery

A brilliant breakthrough to the world of gelato by incorporating rich, adventure-filled, local flavours. Manga, Suman at Latik, Tinutong na Kanin – a few of what Manila Creamery has to offer. It may not be dessert material but hey, Manila Creamery says otherwise.


| Salted Egg Cheesecake Gelato

I have a thing for favourites and Manila Creamery broke my limits for it. Let’s break it down a bit:

It’s a cheesecake gelato, and as if that is not enough, it is topped with salted egg caramel sauce.

Is it me or did I hear angels sing?

It has a rich and smooth texture without flavours overpowering each other. The Salted Egg sure was present, complimented with the chewiness cheesecakes are known for (hello generous chunks of graham), blended altogether by the light but rich flavour of the cheesecake gelato.

Manila Creamery has that kind of appeal that throws customers completely off guard in a greater sense. I can feel that I am now a total convert and I just can’t wait for more upcoming flavours from these guys!


Ally’s All-Day Breakfast

Can there be any more comforting than a table full of warm breakfast waiting for you?

Breakfast is always a good idea anytime, anywhere. On slow down days like a Saturday morning, when you just want to relax and savor the incoming weekend, a warm and welcoming breakfast hits up extra excitement to most ears. Good thing about it is, they are not that difficult to find any more.

Waffles, pancakes, Tapsilog – all of it awaits your visit at Ally’s All-Day Breakfast. Whether you’re in for the milkshake or a cup of joe, they got you covered!

| Freshly made Waffles slathered in Speculoos and a scoop of good old VNL. Who says we cannot eat our sweets in the morning?

|Tocilog. Is. Always. A. Good. Idea.

For the longest time that I have looked for a good place to relax and enjoy an authentic breakfast, served ALL DAY by the way, I guess Ally’s All-Day Breakfast goes straight up to my list (too bad I only discovered Ally’s a little too late, boo hoo).

They have milkteas, and all the other kinds of Silogs everybody craves for once in a while. Come in there wearing your Pajamas or your Monday Dress Up and never feel out of place!

Ally’s All-Day Breakfast Branches:

G/F Manhattan Parkway, Araneta Center, Cubao

31 Pongiac Street, Fairview Park, QC

22 Malingap Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City

69 Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue, Marikina City

The Beauty of Innocence

Death is the only thing that can separate a mother to her young – that’s what I used to believe. Having to experience the irrevocable nature of life and death, life handed me over to maturity at a very young age by losing my Mama.

But what is worse than having a living mother who chooses to turn her back to you, regardless of reason?

If one cannot trust her own mother to stay, who will she ever trust again? If one cannot trust her own father to be to be her confidant, who will she ever lean on again?

But as I write this, I am full of hope. I am full of joy.

To our dearest, you have got a lot of things right now and we all know how it must be difficult for you to even ask us for the answers.

The world might throw you stones along the way but with the purest of heart you still manage to appreciate life despite its bitter reality – and that is the beauty of innocence.

Quick Review | Pink Sugar’s Sugar Tint in Truth or Dare

Entering the mall with only one thing in mind, I hurriedly went to the make up section on a local mall near me. Before I purchase any makeup, I always make it a point that I swatch it at the back of my hand. Then will I proceed with my shopping, creating enough time to see what’s the most long-wearing one.

I was stunned by how opaque this product got with just one swab but I did not expect anything from it. To my surprise, it remained the same. Still in tack, the same opaque swab I left even after a few hours.

Pink Sugar - Packaging

| Bought mine for only PHP 349

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Yabu’s Molten Lava Cake

Yabu: House of Katsu has long been in the metro’s food scene. The exquisite taste of their house favorites, the ambiance, and their superb service surely explains why Filipinos fell for the Katsu hype in a jiffy.

One of the downsides of having the best in one dish is that the other parts of the menu are being underestimated. Moral of the story, after the many times I have been in Yabu, gobbling over Katsus and feasting over their unlimited Cabbage, this is the first time I dared to order something different.

Lava Cake 2

| Yabu’s Molten Lava Cake. Not wanting to sound bias here but Yabu can’t seem to give me enough reasons to always want to come back. #ButReally

The gooey and warmly-served Lava Cake is in itself exquisite but serving this with Miso Butterscotch? Bliss. Never have I enjoyed a Lava Cake that filled my taste bud with dimensions. I know that sounds a little tacky but I guess this is me trying to hand over the challenge to you. So, the question is, when are you going to try Yabu’s not-so-hidden gem?

Nars workshop with beauty experts| Seven months after

I remember seeing Rustan’s The Beauty Source’s post on Instagram and how much kilig it gave me the moment I knew it was free! Hahaha! You know, being a career woman with a cheapskate taste and approach to things, it was a relief knowing that Rustan’s holds these kinds of events.


| The workshop took place in EDSA Shangri-La, I was 20 minutes early that day – which is a good thing! Front seats, yay!

The signing up part is an easy-peasy. You need to fill-in details and preferred schedule, and voila! A seat is already reserved for you! Although during the workshop, the management still welcomed walk-ins, booking a reservation for these kinds of events is a must because you don’t know how crowded these workshops can be.



Attending a makeup workshop is a serious eye-opener for aficionados like me. It’s like watching a master create his masterpiece. Although at some parts I did find it a tad overwhelming (I had a hard time taking notes and pictures at the same time), it did made me realize that even in the practice of aesthetics, having your own way or style is vital.


| Here’s Archie Tolentino (as a surprise guest BTW)

To be honest, the workshop did not tackle things you won’t find on the internet, but the thing is, it really is different on the spot. The simple strokes you need to take note of, the techniques you need to apply, and the proper application and combination of the different products and shades, all of which in my opinion, should be witnessed personally.


To Rustan’s The Beauty Source this is one of the most creative stunt any customer-centered company I have encountered. It surely shows how much preparation you guys give when it comes to your customer’s needs (and interests, for that matter)! Cheers to you guys, and more power!


Baka sensitive lang s’ya” (Maybe she’s just sensitive)

Wait. WHAT?

My thoughts automatically shut as I stared with wide eyes at a colleague who was explaining to me something she retrieved from a meeting. After the words sunk like hard metal on my throat, the rest of the conversation easily dissolved into blur.


“Sensitive”, meaning, it all emerged from her “senses”. Just because it does not seem offensive to you, the deed cannot offend somebody else. Being offended is a subjective thing. One thing can offend another, one thing cannot. So who are you to question what can offend her and what cannot?

Maybe I am just overreacting. Or maybe seeing the young girl shiver with tears running down her face is called “OVERREACTING”. Or maybe with that little voice as she questioned me with her safety is something that made me feel like I should “OVERREACT” and STAND FOR WHAT I BELIEVE IN.

How about you? Coming from a firm and well-rounded foundations in education and in this society, who are you to lessen the burden of the predator and put some blame – if not all – on the prey?