“I was born and raised i…

“I was born and raised in a religious and conservative family, but I guess things in life just made me a BITCH.” – Yours truly

This bio has been plagiarized a lot of times, and it has never entered my mind that being robbed would feel this way. (So this is what the researchers feel. 😦 ) Somewhat, somewhere and in some peculiar way, I am really flattered. Maybe it`s the fact that people are  feeling what I feel inside, and had been through quite bearings like mine. Pain should not stop us from climbing, and this is what I did. Probably we both had the same amount of alarming situations and had been in between decisions that took us to the brisk of confusion. Combing the braids of possibilities will take us nowhere, but at least it will give us an answer. An answer. An answer to what? An answer to something that wasn`t even asked? I presume not taking the risk would be a great choice after all. Being an anti-hypocrisy, I`d have to be honest that it was very depressing especially that part when I KNOW someone is taking credit for what I did. Call and label it anything you want, but that feeling is very enraging. It`s a good thing that my class and humor was intact. Or else… oh well. We are given the opportunity to observe and to put situations into words not just for a tell-tale. But it`s an escape of those hidden sensations that gives us the blues. I just don`t know how people choose to CHEAT rather than standing up for what they did and take the blame OR reward for it.

I really hope you can read and choke on this. Try making a statement of your own, who knows, people might copy and paste your work. Good luck!



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