Inhaling the good craps… assumera ako.

I think I`m inspired.

 I started my piece with a header that I know I won`t forget. Or I wish I won`t forget. Expect me to attempt with all my might to put this feeling into words of detail so that you can feel it with me too.

This feeling. This is something everyone of us is familiar with. I know I have been through this. It is just that the first time I had encountered this, I was too oblivious of the fact that I was already concluding answers without questions being asked.

Assuming [uh-soo-ming]

to take for granted or without proof

Conjuring up scenarios and assuming that there is spark just right there. Being aware that this is wrong is a proof that I am still sane. Although there is just one bionic scene; those smiles that gives me the right to assume yet no words is still spoken (So this is assuming). Maybe this feeling is just a normal sensation that happens to girls who are just like me. But this is wrong. Things and situations WILL get twisted with lies and confrontations and I am not willing to sacrifice my name for it. Call this pride, call this amour-propre. But I am still knowledgeable with the reality that this craze is not right, though I have not told you that I am going to stop it.

Help me.

You read it right. I have found one good way of letting my feelings out and this is through writing. For my present and future readers, I am in need for help for I have told you that I can`t even find the will to stop it. I just don`t seem to understand why is this feeling seems so right. Cheesy eh? But this is how I presume. Maybe it`s that “feeling” when other girls (and gays) see and stare with envy as we exchanged conversations. And that was just the first day. For whatever it may come for the near future, I am really hoping this will stop.

Join me for the next few chapters of my life as I continue this journey of nuisance and assuming. Well, hopes down (for me)!


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