Confessions of a bored damsel

I have chosen the right course.

Walking alone down the breezy and buttoned-up hallways of my university is definitely something not new for me. You see, it has been my some-what delightful “act” to walk and to think at the same time. I feel highly at ease whenever I do that. Maybe it’s the feeling of being confident on my independence. Or probably, it’s the silence itself. It’s a very unusual habit for a damsel like me who is most of the time loud and candid (Oh-em, I think this is the start of maturity). I like walking tall, not just because it’s what is most likely advised on TV shows, magazines and lifestyle courses but because it makes me feel that I am really tall, respected, looked unto and adept. (I know what you are thinking, and no, this blog is not connected to its title). So here I am now during my looooong vacant, writing and doing something utterly productive.

By the time your read this part, I have already forgotten the outline of my blog because of some frequently disturbing passersby. But don’t worry, there is a way. All I have to do is to refresh what happened this morning and all I need you to do is to extend your patience, sit back, and together we will summon my morning. J  Anyhow, my current location is in a room in the University of the Assumption labeled at the door as “internet” (IKR. LOLJK). Not to mention the hardest pouring rain I have ever heard in my eighteen years of existing is just outside the door.

My morning started quite inadequately. I was listening to my first professor of the day who blathers about guidance and counseling. You see, I was late on her class yet managed to sneak my way in by standing alongside of the chit-chattering, tale-telling mob. So this is why I’m late; the front-gate guard had to stop me from entering the university because of my short skirt and slightly blonde hair. Disappointed at first, I had to ride another cab to try to access the back gate. Ha. Too bad I was a much clever thinker than you are swagger-ish-guard-who-always-ruins-my-mood. Haha! So there, my mood was all diverted while entering the back gate (so much fun being a sneaky-meanly like me. Hahaha). Back to listening to my first professor, I was really inspired by the lecture she gave us. “People know what their solutions are, all they don’t know is how to work it out.” she said. I know I have chosen I good and efficient course, but what I am not aware of is that I have chosen the right course.

Surely I don’t have to struggle for my grades and have a major effort on studying lessons because I know I have chosen the right chain which suits and enhances my skills. So I have thought of a rundown of reasons why I have chosen the right course:

  1. I have the most lovable schedule.

Do you have a break which consists of 2 hours? Not just once a day but three times more? Dejected at first, but I have learned to manage and to spend my time productively with these vacant hours. If not, I wouldn’t be here enjoying and practicing at the same time to vent my situation in a very verbose way. I have more time to do my nails, run to a nearby spa, eat a full-course meal, comb each strand of my hair, criticize passersby, blog up to four times a day, review my lessons beforehand, read a whole pocketbook, daydream about my crush, read all of the published school papers, chat with my long-distanced friends, calculate my expenses, stop and shop at the nearest mall, read creepy stories online, conduct an interview with the school staff, have more time to sleep at the clinic, run around the corridor of the university more than 30 times more, apply more than three layers of night make up on my face, worry about if there’s still food on the fridge, visit my sister in Antipolo and then go back again on time, do a shopping spree  to Hong Kong and then go back again twice, and I am pretty sure there is a whole lot of things to try out with this vacant time. Who wouldn’t love this, right? With this vacant time, I have also learned to be appreciative and to practice more of my endurance. In deed, I am really grateful for that.

2. I am a certified blabber.

I told you before that I have an extremely peculiar talent which blathering. Blathering is something I am not proud of but something I can’t stop; although I found a way to make it less annoying. It is by being dynamic. I love trivial ranting and accurate talking. And this is what I am going to enhance. Actually, I have been an active participant of intersectional debates and forums since high school.  Though I have considered Mass Communication when I was a freshman, there was still an intuition that that was far-off my enthusiasm. As Sister said this morning, being a Psychologist is a profession for those who are passionate about all-day talking, conversing, absolute reaching and helping out people who are emotionally distress. I believe that this is what I love and I know for a fact that this is what I shall pursue. Kudos.

3. I don’t get attached easily

This was something that just came out of the blue. It’s just that Psychologists are the one who you go to especially when you feel like there is something wrong. So being emotional is something you shouldn’t consider for pursuing this track. And that is what I never was. I think it is really my advantage ever since. I don’t get sad right away, I never look back to people who crave for attention and I don’t judge that instant. Or maybe I am just that oblivious. But for whatever reason it can be, call me manhid and call it whatever you want, but this trait is something I would consider as an advantage and this will not change. Besides, I am really an optimistic person ever since.

PS. This rundown will continue soon. I have 5 minutes vacant left.


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