Just a random thought…

“I have always wondered how to be productive, how to be dynamic in my own special dexterity.”


Just last night, I have read the first literary folio of my university. I don’t want to write. I thought. I just want something to be proud of in the near future. I chose to have an account on Twitter and on WordPress just to shave off this entire sensation of having too much to think of. I never wanted to excel in writing, but by just reading literary works, I already considered it as an inspiration. Writing in a legal and productive way. Something to share not just online but something to share and to hold on to in the coming months, years and decades to come. Maybe it isn’t something I excel in, maybe I’m just good in detailing every emotion and situation I have and letting it out on a very verbatim way. I noticed that the works on that folio wasn’t just about them. It was concentrating on different aspects. But that is one of the things I’m not good at; taking every feature and detail of an idea. Looking at an aspect with too much attentiveness is not something I want to invest patience with. But who knows, maybe it’s the kind of “productiveness” I am endowed to. Well, we will just wait and see…


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