“Those who boast of the…

“Those who boast of their decent, brag on what they owe to others.”

You were hurt not because I’m rude but because you know it’s the truth and I said it to your face.

Being affront that I have an enormously updated skill in showing off is not new for me. I have been a braggart since the day I learned how to strive. To strive for what I feel is right and to strive for what I KNOW IS RIGHT. But didn’t you ever consider that there is still humility penetrating in my veins? Yes. There is. And it is just that I have learned to custom this “humility” by saying and often times SHOUTING the TRUTH. Don’t even try to confront me with facts and fake authenticity because you’re just going to end up choking them. I admit that things went far beyond my business but there is no way to stop you from claiming what isn’t yours but to RUB IT IN YOUR FACE. It hurts, because it’s the truth. And I know that it hurts because I SAID IT IN YOUR FACE. I know I’m wrong, but I ain’t sorry. And it’s also the reality that YOU ARE AWARE THAT I AM NOT SORRY.

You want to know how I felt after barking what I feel like barking that day (You read it right, BARKING. I felt like a total bitch that day)? It felt EASY. Clarified in some sense. Free from the aura of hiding and preventing myself from being a total shameless. You caught me off guard yet I left you speechless. I left you electrified with what you thought I’m going to hold back. I don’t really want to know how it feels to be in your shoes right now. Disturbed? Clammed-up? Alarmed? Whatever feeling you have in that shallow and inferior head of yours will be something entirely pleasing to hear but I have to say no. My time is more precious than that.

I just gave you the bitterness of the truth. All you have to do is swallow it, or choke on it. How hard can that be?


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