What’s up?

Hi reader!

I just came up of the idea to talk to you and to directly thank you for me being an active reader of mine. Whether you are a girl or a boy, I am sure you are familiar with what my past situations are like. Reaching this point of my blog, you are surely making me inspired to write more. I am really hoping I can keep on entertaining you with my rants and shavings. So here, this is a part of my day that just can’t seem to be off of my mind.

I’d like to title this one… “What’s Up?”

What is up?

What is up? I just do not know what to feel anymore, sometimes I feel like there is something there. Right there, it’s like choking on me and letting me feel the rudeness of its stare. Or is this just what they call “assuming”? I don‘t want this feeling. It’s giving me Goosebumps, it’s giving me hard times that I’m not even privileged to undergo. It’s giving me an emotional distress that I am not even permitted to feel. It’s giving me the habit to pest what she got that I don’t. I am starting to weigh against myself with her. I gaze at the situation like it’s really something I can fight for. I know this is bad, and I have been through this kind of situation. This is something I was avoiding, but I know it’s too late to stop…

What is up? What is up with that shot? I don’t see you together. I don’t hear news about you. I don’t see affection coming from both parties. Yet I see your “cyber life” fully attached. I know what you are thinking.  And yeah this is entirely absurd. I frequently find myself soliciting questions I’m not even supposed to ask. Is this normal? Am I on the right track? For whatever it is to come in the near future, I am in deep optimism that this madness would stop. So help me God.

Writing this blog was a sure help. At least I had something to vent out my emotions in a very modish way.



*If this entry bored you, feel free to comment and to ask questions right below this text. =)



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