“I’m feeling sexy and free, like glitters’ raining on me”

Have you ever had that day when you just felt so… pretty? Well, I know I do. And today is that day! I just don’t know what glitters shed on me this morning that I just feel so motivated and blooming. I received loads of compliments about it, seen people around me happy for my positive aura. That fume of good vibes that I share with other people, most especially my friends and a lot of things I just want to share to the whole world.

No doubts about me, being all these energetic and optimistic, but I really, like, really want you to know that this is just all so new to me. Given the fact that I have been in actuality a real cranky-bossy lately with all those rants and negative-thinking, today is such a real treat. Well, I just hope that this lively air of whimsical thoughts would last for a long time. Oh well, as the saying goes “…it’s all in the mind.”

This is also why I’m blogging at this very minute. I wanted to share insights and thoughts that I think, would make up a day of somebody. Or who knows maybe of everybody. And oh, aside from being happy and giddy right at this moment, I also wanted to be a bit productive for this day. A page to read, a lesson to review or maybe a session to do some advanced reading are some of the agendas on the list today. I would really want to get use to this, happy yet productive, busy yet delightful to have things done.

Sad to say but your dearest blogger has to go now. It’s time to make my plans in to real-time actions. Turn your days into happy and extravagant ones. Let’s get more productive!



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