“Through the years, you’ve never let me down…”


I’ve been singing that song ever since our Chemistry class last Thursday (July 12, 2012) started. I don’t know what came to me that I have just been so crazed about that song. Since we’re lab partners, I was kind of the one who influenced this young damsel to also be crazed with that song.

Maybe it was the way Zsa Zsa Padilla carried it through the eulogy. Or maybe it was Dolphy’s memorabillas that came to me while Ms. Zsa Zsa reminisced. Whatever reason it is, one thing is for sure. A very touching speech about grievance and acceptance, the words were truly felt right through the heart.

Here is a picture of us being so bored on Chemistry class and decided to take random goofy shots of ourselves.

PS. Every picture taken was followed by a phrase from that song. Literally.


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