BRU ( Beautiful, Ravishing and Unique)




A very common Sunday morning it is for me, until one phone call took me into tears. I just can’t describe the way it felt receiving a news that I haven’t quite been expecting. At least not this soon. 

Carissa Domingo, Issa for most of the people who knew her, has been my friend for almost half a year now. Attitudes that easily clicked, words and expressions that drew us closer together, coffee sessions that gave us the chance to exchange what we had been through and experiences that made us tough. Entirely absurd for the others but Bru and I easily got along with each other with just a tick of the clock.

Having no right to say that I know her that completely, but I know for a fact that she’s now happy. Happy with her family, with her son and with her, in a few days, husband. Yep. She’s getting married! Maybe it’s that feeling of having invited to one of my closest friend’s wedding (It’s the first time I was invited to a close friend’s wedding for goodness’ sake), or maybe it’s just that I miss her. And I am going to miss those times where we just went with the flow of our lives and partied till we dropped.

I am absolutely happy for her, and she knows that. I am forever grateful for having a favorably circumstance to meet someone who knew me that well with just a few moments of time.

For Bru, I know John will take good care of you and your future family. I will always be here for you no matter what. I know that you think about how I treated you not as closely as you were to me, but Bru, believe me, YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN CLOSE TO MY HEART. You are one of those true friends who got my back and will still have my back against all odds and I am overly thankful for that. It’s a big step you are going to take, but I know you are going to make it because you have been a big girl now, not to mention the things that you have been through. No more night outs for you missy! Or maybe, we’ll just have it behind closed doors. LOL. I miss you Bru! See ya on Friday!




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