Updating in 3… 2… 1.

Hello again blog!

As you all know, your dearest blogger has a lot of stagnant time to endure. So here is yours truly yet again, about to share what mostly happened during my morning, or more like, my so called rewarded week last week and this week’s on-the-list. LOL.

Last week was a very strange week for me, I mean, can you believe it? Through out all those temptations for absences, I outshined them all! Though that was just something imposed, I am still proud with that achievement (call that achievement huh). Regarding this week’s schedule, now, this, this is something I should be worried about. This week’s hell week for goodness riddance! I am in high spirits about my loads though, aside from one hell-of-a-rollercoaster-ride subject.

I have always been a fan of science and the discovery of things, but I have also been anti-arithmetic. I am interested in the little things that make big things, but this is just something I entirely loathed (sorry for the phrase; blame my first Chemistry teacher). Yep. Chemistry. Chemistry is something far from my mind when I chose my course, other science-subjects were on my mind, but Chemistry was a sure elsewhere out of my inventory…

Transitioning the topic, today was a quite fruitful morning; all those research to do, lessons to study, exams to cram about and home works to fulfill. This day is just a great way to start the week. I just hope that this air of industriousness will be with me till the end of the term. Part of that dynamic modus operandi is something linked with Chemistry. This is also something innovative for me… I asked my Chemistry teacher to have a one on one discussion with me, tomorrow before the exam. Talk about being all this courageous and sincere! I was fairly warned about this professor that she fails students whom she does not see as anxious enough to pass her subject. And here we fall back once more with me, having all those hatred on that poor, innocent subject.

I am really hoping I will learn something tomorrow or that she’ll see me as aggressive enough about the “this-and-that” of Chemistry. But who knows we could be the best of friends… or not.

(Five more minutes left off of my vacant)

So long reader!


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