Today is just a big day for everyone… it’s the last day of the week, last day of our preliminary exams, last day for some of the deadlines imposed and some, that are about to party their last day of being single.

If you have been an avid reader of mine for the last few releases, you will surely have inklings on what I am going to share with you today. One of the closest friends I ever had is going to get married today! Though I knew her just for these several months, I already treated her as one of my sisters. A sister from a different mother. One of the friends who appreciated everything I am and everything that I am not.Although people see us as salt and pepper (who the hell knows which is salt and which pepper is), we are aware that we both harmonized. I never knew someone who is as sympathetic as her. Though my bestfriends are sweet and all, we were never sappy with our feelings. And just as fate lead us closer together; we will still have each other’s back for anything that challenges our way.

In just a few hours, our “Carissa Domingo” will be “Carissa Domingo-Pineda”. I am utterly thrilled to see and to be present in one of my companions’ wedding ceremony. Tears and laughter are surely bound to be seen and heard later for Issa.

For whatever it is to arrive, we all know that everything will always have to be according to His will. We should just be grateful, optimistic and affectionate with everything that leads our way.

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!

So long, farewell!


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