Distancing myself from the bumps of reality…


I’m thinking… you think you know me? Why don’t you try asking yourself that question again.

I have been in real pain plus exhaustion these last few days and I am not going to let that spoil my goal. I know that things in life will get twisted and tiring at some point of time but we should all be strong to face these tests with hopefulness and faith. People may come and go but we should also hold on as to where the rainbow will glow.

My mood may swing like the airs of the winter, but my ambition will shine and be firm like the rays of the sun. Sometimes I want to get things done, sometimes I leave things to destiny. This paragraph is becoming cheesy, I’ll just stop it for the convenience of the others… 🙂

I know most of you are wondering why I chose goofy pictures of yours truly for this post, and the reason for that is something I don’t know too…


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