The perfect spot is spotted!



An adhoc decision with just a few bets on the pot but is backed-up with motivation clearly made me realize things…

I thought this was just another faux pas from an unrecognized endorser until one friend assured me with its quality and superb service. Being an enthusiast of beauty and the blah blah blah I am honestly lurking the “in and outs” of the city just to get my approved health facility and I think I have spotted the spot I was looking for.






— Donna and I have been friends ever since we were seatmates during our Political Science subject. We were always laughing, chatting and sharing things and feelings about who’s and what’s with the world. Being friends with Donna was completely effortless for I and her have the most similar attitudes and way of thinking. But of course, we would not be friends if there weren’t just a spark.

Being all this new and novice with sharing my feelings and experiences by the use of words, here are also some photographs I had taken simply because I can’t resist sharing a calm, relaxing and classy spot me and Donna had just discovered:

– The assemble was just a few blocks away from the capitol, so it would not be somewhere far from the constraints of San Fernando.

I think this area where the spa is located would be an A-OK ambiance for what it is promoting. There were few vehicles passing by, although some can be heard. Most of the automobiles were quite restricted because the city of San Fernando is promoting the classical way of transportation which was the calleza.Image

— here we have is a photo of the therapist. LOL. Love you Donna!


– a very nice and warm welcoming for beginners like us. A rate of 8 out of 10 from the “Let’s Go!” chart. 🙂



– a glimpse of the archway


– considerable of local handicrafts. Definitely liking it…

I am very sorry if I could not give you glimpses of what it looked like inside the range but the receptionist promised to give me the opportunity to share it with you next time (don’t worry, that would not be the last time) although I can describe it to you instead; the room was a dim and soothing space most especially for people who work hard or for people who study very hard, haha. As far as I can recall, there were Black and Red sheets with Black and Gold drapes separating clients with the other. The service was really courteous, as if they’ll give you everything you’ll ask from them and that was something that really amazed me. Despite the fact that we called and reserved our sessions the day before, we still had to wait for our turn because walk-in clients were really getting big in numbers by the minute. Though that one hour treat of Swedish massage would be something worth waiting for.

Before I forget, here is a glance of what the spa looked like outside:

– Scanning the photograph, I bet you already had a clue of what we rode on our way to some mall in San Fernando. Hihi.

To be honest, I had loads of fun having an unforgettable amusement and adventure at the same time. How ironic it is for the others but this is what going to Le Petite is all about; being happy, reposed and coming into a calm environment that will help you forget or somehow escape from the contagious aspects of reality.

All in all rate: an 8 out of 10 for the “Let’s Go!” chart.


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