My awareness of this defense

I expect too much from your attention that’s why I always trap myself into so much disappointment.

SUBLIMATION [suhb-luh-mey-shuhn]

– most desirable and healthy way of dealing with unacceptable impulses.

– it occurs when an individual finds a socially acceptable aspiration.

On this page is where I load off all my thoughts and rants throughout all the day. This page has been my diary ever since I learned to verbalize all the feelings that I have. Feelings that I have with everything and everyone. Before I even learned the different kinds of defense mechanism, I was already aware with the fact that this is something I could do to relieve my daily blusters. From that day that I became conscious with the reality, I knew for a fact this will be really something I could not take away from me that easy.

I talk to almost everybody in school. Well, at least almost everybody in my department. But why do I crave so much of your attention? Oops. That’s a spill. (Ok. Let’s just stop this and get it on with sublimation). This writing and stuff utterly makes everything less binding. It’s just that sometimes, I wonder if I’m the only one who appreciates writing. Or there’s just a few of us left in the world who acknowledges writing. I wonder if people just creates drama for attention or is it really that their life is full of tear-jerkers. My life has its drama too, but I try to see bright sides of it. Maybe everybody could try that also. 🙂



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