Restraining Order

For this week, I already proposed a rundown of the things (I think) I will or I should have to achieve: First on the list is to minimize my absences because these last few days had been really a roller-coaster ride for me and for my academic performance. Second, is that (I think, again) I should focus more on my studies. I have also been behaving quite blaring and I should really keep my foxiness intact. So for my last docket, I decided to restrain myself from too much blathering. I think (again) I’m giving out too much for just one stare. For just that one “Hi!” that would keep me in high spirits. For that one hell of a confab that will give me enough reason to be addicted with you and your induction.

Maybe these will get me somewhere, somewhere where there is no such things as painful parvenu for I am in deep craving for just the opposite. I know these list will give me answers that will be either my pardon or not. But for whatsoever it is that is about to be revealed, I will just be strong and adjusted enough to face it all alone.


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