I can’t believe I’m pissed

Writing this post is something I just want to invest my time with now. This morning surely got out of hand. I was late, but I didn’t woke up late (blame traffic and people who had to complain without even thinking of something to do), I was extremely pissed over something I’m not usually pissed about, craved for coffee but how perfect my timing is because it’s still ain’t ready and I’m doing this release right now without even having a goal in mind.

Last night, as I was about to go to sleep, I have already prepared things that I’m going to use and do for today’s series of events. I have always been a happy-camper but last night was even happier. I thought too much enchantment would shoo away bad vibes, but I guess it didn’t. Or maybe, it’s still on process. This kind of times rarely comes to someone with a blatant attitude like mine and this rage amazingly amazes me.

Dark, pointed eyebrows, pale cheeks and an extremely loud red lipstick is what I planned to look for this day. I was thinking that maybe it would divert my blustering behavior lately into something more sophisticated. What a perfect match, it rained. Not that I did not expect this or something but to my surprise, I was still surprised. I just love being ironic. I tried to see great sides of it though and I’m still trying to see it through the harshness of the starter.

Through out all those times that I have brought a bright and jolly aura with me, now is just something that is impressing me. I’m pissed, and it’s true. But what is dragging me to be amazed just because I’m pissed today? I’m not even sure whether to consider this day as a “BV day” because I could sense that there is something to be glad about; whether that “something” is me being all this pissed. How peculiar don’t you think?


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