I want to vent. I want to vent. I want to vent. OK. I need a venti.

Time check: 9:03 PM

Date check: 9/16/12

I want to share it with the whole world. I want to shout all of what’s penetrating in my thoughts right now. I know this is too much to bear that’s why I want it to let go in a much safer way…

Ugh. Who am I even kidding? I can’t even find the brainwave to continue this without letting go of a few tears. Bear with me as I allow my flow of thoughts be, for once, the boss of this crap.

Right now, right at this very moment where I am sitting is somewhere you wouldn’t really want to be in. As I puff off my last contribution to the growing pollution, there is just so much noise and clattering, to the point that I can’t even hear my own thoughts. I miss my friends, and I miss my life when I’m with them. My life has never been productive as it is now, but why does it feel like it’s so, I don’t know… BORING? Does it really have to be this life-less?I come to school just to get a good reason to go home again. I wake up every morning just to get some decent grounds to get back to sleeping again. I feel so motivated to do all my errands just to pull something off on my day-to-day routine. I finish tasks on time and do chores in advanced just to say that I actually did something for a day. Oh c’mon, there must be something behind all these façade.

Cell phone. I just remembered my long-term-companion, Noki. Yeah. I named him Noki. Not just because he’s a Nokia phone but because… oh yeah. I named him that because he’s a Nokia. He’s been under my provisions ever since I was in second year high school. We’ve been through a lot actually. He served as light when I was in darkness, calculated not just my arithmetic but also my expenses, reminded me of birthdays, TV shows, meetings and such without getting tired, late nor impatient about it and there are still lots of things he did without a single complaint. Just last, last Saturday (September 1, 2012) was my first day to attend Teatro Fernandino’s workshop. During the rehearsals, we were assigned to do a scene with a falling panorama with it, and as a good girl with so much obedience, I did. Again. And again. And again. And to my utterly and heartlessly surprise, I forgot that Noki was placed on the back pockets of my pants. Need I say more? He was… ugh. That sight’s just too much to tolerate. Tears already ran down my cheeks without even a millisecond of that spectacle. Oh well, RIP Noki, your service will be forever missed.

Now that you’ve (or should I say “I”?) reminded me of Teatro Fernandino, that’s what’s making me more productive lately. I trailed over my first love! The theatre! Of course, without having formal backgrounds about the dos and don’ts of the theatre, I still consider it as my first love. I have always been a fan of the limelight and that is where I am going to be! I always dreamt of inspiring young ones just like I was inspired by so much talented and graceful theatre actors and actresses. I want to create an impact for the theatre and other fancy things about it. One thing is for certain now, with me having to do all these chase-your-dreams-marathon. I shall pursue my dream. NO MATTER WHAT!

For now, this flow of thoughts will have to end. I’m sleepy. And someone “unintentionally” broke into my house. But this is a sure fun. Well, for me. Ha-ha.



your princess-wanna-B.


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