Morbid me



Being all this hyped about fictional characters and stories, this introduction undeniably gave me the chills. I know, for a girl with a candid and stagy aura, it will be hard to believe that I am also a bigot of morbidness. Zombies, crime-infected stories and vampires are just some of what I crave for. I have read a lot of love stories before, some of those who just have their leading characters die before the big announcement and all, some that’s just heart-breaking, touching, in some sense and very absolute but I guess it’s just really not on the top of the list.

Lucky for me, that 29th of September on the book store with my fellow Psych-students, I have not raised enough gold to ransom what I wanted. I guess there will be another motivation to fill up my good-old cache.

Disappointments. *sigh*


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