Teatro Fernandino-first step to the promised prominence

My life-time curiosity with what it feels like being on the stage, performing and inspiring young people with one’s talent has lead me to this destination. I had met new friends with the same passion as I do. Taking our first steps together with so much excitement and dedication. I have to admit that this was one of the best choices I had made in my entire existence. And by and by that this assurance affirms that it was really a right choice made.


– A Tagalog story that will portray and stress on what are the factors that are affecting each students’ action in school. Very typical, predictable and trifling for some but this is surely an eye-opening story not just for people with the same age-loop. It will sure let you move to the edge of you seat.


– The words “Magsilbi Tamu” means “Magsilbi Tayo” in Capampangan. Emphasis on the word “actor” just right there below thy name. Can’t help it! Am just overjoyed!


– I know, an antagonist. An antagonist that will cause the inferiority crisis of her daughter. I full-heartily promise to portray this role with so much devotion and desire!

Save the dates and don’t forget! 27th and 28th of October 2012! Kodigo will be aired at Heroes Hall, city of San Fernando Pampanga! SEE YOU THERE!


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