On set, off set

As promised, I wanted to full-heartily share it with the world how our play (Kodigo) went out. There were bloopers and stuff, but it all paved off after all those positive and immense feedbacks. To be honest, it was very exhausting to be rehearsing it over and over again. But what I didn’t know was, all those sleepless nights of wonder and confusion, it was truly a job well done. The feeling of standing there with the audience holding their applause even after the light went on was surely a feeling I wouldn’t exchange for anything. It was warm, warmer than the light that was on all of us, it was sincere, like the sincerity of a baby’s laughter and it was intense, proving that our play was surely something that they can pass on to their friends, families and associates.



– here’s a backdrop of one of the experimental scene made. I wonder if my antagonism was effective… hmm.


– I could really be use to this kind of animosity. I mean, that’s if it suits me and all.

– With Reema and Josh while the others are on stage. A little something to ease off the tension. Ha-ha.
– With Byran, a co-antagonist of mine
– With Louie, another onstage daughter.

– Here are two glimpses of what we really are off stage.

What a gang! I used to think that this new “hobbie” of mine will be something that would be hard to squeeze in me. But of course, they proved me wrong! They’re loud, funny and witty! Laughter and goofy moments with them is more  appreciated, together with all of their mixed and  random personalities. I guess we’re all just fit with each other.

Teatro Mexico is the kind of group that would never drag you because of something that you’re good in, instead, they’ll even extract (yes, extract. It was hard for me to exert a word that would really describe the feeling) it out off of you! I have never found a group so, I don’t know, a group so suitable (?) with my loudness! With just a few months of being with them, I already consider them as a part of me. And that’s something, straight from the heart. 🙂


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