Random Sheet

Wondering what it is that I am feeling right now, wondering how’s my friends doing right now, wondering what’s going to happen with a just a spare of time.

It’s still me, it’s just that I have lost and gained different outlooks in life with just a few breaths. Worn out. That’s a part of what I’m feeling right now. Somewhat dehydrated despite the bottles of Jamba Juices I took. A bit unsatisfied from what’s also keeping my wonders intact.

I think I have been staying indoors for too long. This past few days have been a challenge for my focus, I wanted to savor every moment I spend with myself. I wanted to concentrate on every moment that I have been missing and I wanted contemplate over what’s not blowing off this little experiment of mine.

Irrational. Having no goal in writing this or whatsoever, I still feel this would be something that can ease off what needs to be eased off.


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