Peu de tout (A rundown of my sudden vacation)

An overnight. That was planned to be just an overnight.

Last Sunday (11th of November 2012), as I was about to make my breakfast and savour the last few moments of my sembreak, I was asked by my sister to do some paper works from my previous school and do a little “errands” of these and that. Being all hyped about seeing my friends again, I without a doubt said yes and went to Antipolo the following afternoon.

During my first night there, knowing that it’s Sunday and my dearest girlfriends are fond of the “biglaang-lakads”, I immediately contacted them and agreed upon when and where we should meet. Here’s a few pictures of us having a coffee break in the middle of the night (I KNOW! I really had a hard time sleeping that night, talk about being a hyperoo!):


– with Erika! Cheers to the first girl who came in late!

Antipolo was a bombarded place to be in on a Sunday and it was sort of my choice to be in Starbucks Antipolo though I knew it was a Sunday. Probably I just missed staring on how many people appreciate my dearest hometown.


– Here’s a picture of me and Chara.


Chara came in later than Erika, so Eka and I got more chance to talk about mostly about anything that’s in my life now: and vice-versa.

Oh I just missed how much I can share anything with these girls without explaining too much! We laugh at each other without talking and we talk to each other while laughing! And ooh-most of the time, few words only comes out of my mouth and they can even be with it right after! I know, there are just some things that are better left undiscovered. Same goes with mystery behind how we can get all weird and stuff with each other around!



As I was preparing my things Monday morning (yep. That was pretty much scheduled for my departure), I got thirsty and went over to the fridge to get some milk. After picking up the milk carton, Ate and I were in so much surprise when the door of the fridge bumped my right brow! We laughed so hard that we didn’t even realized half of my face was already covered with blood! I know, pretty morbid for a simple bump, I was in so much disappointment too, knowing the reason behind this “scarface”. Oh well. people should move on and so do I. So much for a six-stitch coil!

On the last night of my getaway, I went to Palmera Heights to meet up with Rejh and Leslie. Too bad we didn’t took pictures of us during our catch-ups, I guess the three of us were just too exhausted laughing. =)

So here’s the last part (and the part where there’s so much food I could already explode): I met up with Eliza at Gateway before heading off to St. Paul and got a little bit of a food-tripping for the two of us. Knowing that the both of us loved so much food and everything in accordance with it, we decided to eat in an “eat-all-you-can” buffet just around Cubao area:


– Arah came too before we had our lunch and she joined our little excursion too! Now here’s a picture of us three before gobbling up our munchies!Image

– Chocolate grins made with love!


– now aren’t these two sweet? :”>


– Arah and I =)


– here’s to the girl who loved Jersey Shore so much! LOL. Love you Eliza!


– Arah and I again.


– Second batch of our cruise at Kangaroo Jack!

Yep! We had our lunch at Kangaroo Jack! The place was really soothing to the eyes knowing that its crafts and design were all local. The food was really alleviating too! We had a great time enjoying bits and pieces everything under their buffet. There were pestos, meatballs & mushrooms(my fave), Fish fillets and so much more. The desserts were in the native touch though, Maja Blanca and Turon dipped with coco were the only one I’ve tasted but it feels like it can be something of their highlight. So much for a food lover eh? No pictures for this one, I hadn’t had my camera during those times. =(

Getting back to my Paulinian girls: The last time the three of us got together was last summer. We had a really rough night laughing our asses off and drinking to the extent of our limits. So this time, we decided to do something that is usually off from that routine.


Meeting up with some friends, laughing my exhaustion off every single moment with them was surely a catch! I never expected that this getaway would be this fun! Well, here goes a little bit of everything that makes me happy! Now, I can say; I am ready for school!


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