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Days have gone by and I am already feeling the shortage of time. I really want my days to end  productively but I guess my apathy is always there to keep me off guard. Sparing so much time online is something I’m sure none of us is proud of but that’s really something that’s keeping me alive these past few weeks. Getting rid of the only oral fixation I have will be something I’m not even planning to stop now. It keeps me so… vibrant– despite of the awareness that this is something that can put a stop to my existence.

I have been so inactive to my reading sessions and so goes with my “working-out” sessions. This laziness is putting a wall to everything I am. To everything that I am used to. To everything I have dedicated to. To everything. TO EVERYTHING. And I’m even feeling so lazy to fight it.

I know something big is coming up and is ready to backfire all the things I have given up for the sake of this; whatever this one’s called. I could sense it. I could feel it. I could even draw it if I have to. But again, me is feeling so lazy to fight it.

Weaker and weaker I become every time this hibernating period of mine comes. I have encountered this. I just hope you had this kinds of “days” too so that I won’t even have to expand more of what I am going through.

Oh well, it’s just me, the relentless, forever trying-so-hard-to-be-a-writer me.

I guess I just wanted something to come out off of the thousands of envious pages I just saw.


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