Nothing’s really going on

Waking and lighting another one up, reminiscing tracks, that’s just another escape of mine from not looking back.

I run away from something I don’t even know. Out of the cold sheets of my mattress to the cold corners of the room, I usually find myself dumbfounded from the things that really matter. No one’s lighting my fire. Nothing’s pushing me to move. I guess another stagnant hour just passed and it really is not that big of a deal for me.

Being too humorous again, finding laughter even to the things that I should keep my eyes on. I let important things slip away before I even hold it. Giving myself credits for passing even if I’m not in to it. I hold my head high, bragging the mania I can’t even define. Light that should keep the warmth in me alive, where shall I find you with all these barriers?

Red lips, black hair, lighting another contribution to the pollution as I slowly murmur the prayer for being controlled. Speaking my mind even if I know it will add another offense, letting my health be affected of what’s collapsing inside my thoughts – that’s what keeping me hectic nowadays. The worst part of it though; nothing’s really stirring my flow of my run.


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