Another pointless ranting of mine

There it stood, a harmless creature waiting to unveil its true identity. Waiting until the very last leaf of fate has fallen off; waiting for its camouflage to grow weary; until each and every feeling had turned into something that belongs to yesterday.

She remembers it still, that moment of the day when the sun took its stall between the vibrant clouds of blue. Exasperatedly running through the rough crowd as she opened the door of the life she chose to live in.

Nothing will compare to that feeling of being in a pedestal.

For each attention she receives, for each compliment she lives with, there will always be something immoral at the end of the day. She can’t point her finger at it, but she feels it. She can’t live through the days without trying to find out what it is, yet everyone claims to see the beauty behind the hypocrisy. She tries to raise her chin, faking the aura of confidence that is known to be always with her- though she’s the only one who hears the roaring blades of ignorance.

Mightier feelings with a pinch of neglect, there will be nothing compared to the hovering of those who murmur. She claims nothing of it’s her concern, yet she still roams around and find out what is wrong.

Forgotten, aged and wooden chairs that is witness to every story, the board that seems to carry every bit of what’s being blathered; reminding the learners of what is what’s. The walls that took its advantage of putting them closer to one another are just a view of her “ordinary day”.

Never in her wildest dreams has she ever expected this to come. Though it seems like her enthusiasm for something better changed the way she viewed the world – or for the most part, her world.

When will the right time come, that her desire and attempt will be in accordance? In the run of always finding what’s wrong, when will the way of light pursue?


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