Hit Me With Your Best Shot!


Cheers to the year that passed and to the year that we are now on! SO CHEERS!

Instead of posting a shabby-looking, good-ole bucket list, why not jot down things, presences and happenings that a person can be grateful for?

An enthusiast of lists, as you may say, I have always been peculiar of the things that I feel grateful for. Smudging off the idea that this post will consist of the things that made me smile throughout 2013, this will not just contain words from the heart but as well as pictures that will do most of the talking… so here it goes!


– funny how one can be distinct from another, yeah?

FRIENDS. FRIENDS. AND LOTS OF MORE FRIENDS. How can I ever get enough of you?


-“The Incrementum”


– Talk about reloaded retardation. A night filled with spontaneous revelations and laughter. This picture seems to put a smile on my face whenever I see it. More of this kind of nights is surely something to look forward to! Hashtag epic faces


– I don’t really know what’s the big deal of this picture BESIDES THE FACT THAT THIS ESCAPADE WAS PRECEDED BY LOADS OF HARDSHIPS A STUDENT WILL EVER HAVE. On the other hand, maybe it was really worth it, or maybe it was just not. All those nights and working hours of doing Psychological reports, analyzing, computing, preparing and studying for exams surely did made me realize that after all the hard work has been done, there is really nothing that can make you inspired to work harder than the fact that you actually learned.


– Now, don’t get me wrong but this piece of souvenir knows how to make my day! Correct me if I’m wrong because I would blame my failing humor if it didn’t make you smile.


– oh my dearest siblings. I took the liberty of taking a picture of you without smoking, drinking, cursing or pointing your middle finger at me or at each other. Peaceful isn’t it? 😉


– first time to have some Bubba loving overnight! Is this a thesis night or an episode of Man vs. Food? I really hope the next time we have a sleepover at my place it wouldn’t be just the three of us who finishes all the goodies! ♥




For the following pictures to follow, some poses are rated SPG. JK!




– and of course. My last getaway and reunion with MTY! Despite the fact that we only see each other from time to time, I myself is still bemused by the fact that it feels like nothing has changed! I guess that’s what theatre can do to you!

MYGAHD – sorry, I just had to let that out – how I love these people! Though I am still considering in this post the shortcomings of the previous year, I have just learned that whatever it is that made or makes me upset, I still can’t go through all that without the people that will always and willingly support me and my weirdness!

There are still ups and downs towards living your life to the fullest – and that is undeniable. But why focus your time and energy on stuff that will just set as a hindrance towards what you are and what you want with your life? Given that they’re already putting you onto a pause on your journey, why make it a permanent break? Wishing no more than these great and influential people in my life, I can definitely say my farewell to 2013.

Having no particular regrets that I will be soon clicking the “publish post” tab, I just want to thank you people who still gives me something to hold onto despite of my screw-ups. Let’s face it – people, happenings, and feelings do change, but please change for the better and never let anything hold you down for what you’re aiming for! As Barney (my ever-so-favorite dinosaur) once said or sang for that matter,

” Growing – we do it everyday … we try to be a little nicer as we grow each day because I’m growing and SO ARE YOU “

Now, now. There isn’t so much to be lonesome about isn’t it?

Thanks for reading, reader!



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