The Weather-friend

I’ve been meaning to write and conjure up thoughts about this but I’ve been losing words that could let all the readers know what a Weather-Friend is. So, as a certainty to my doubts, I collected glimpses of information from my friends as to what a “Weather-Friend” means to them:

“Yung hindi mapakali sa friends. Walang satisfaction sa cliques.”

“Just like the weather, can’t always be trusted.” (personal favorite)

“Walang direksyon kung ano talaga gusto nila sa friends.”

“Kaibigan mo lang kapag pabor sa kanya yung situation”

“… at dahil wala silang definite na group of friends, parang hindi din sila sure kung ano personality nila.”

As my trusted resources defined it for me, a weather-friend is always a friend in need but never a friend indeed. As the urban lingo adds up firm definitions to what a weather friend is, a “foul-weather friend” or a “fair-weather friend” is already on the go changing his or her cliques. And yes! You’re right! Weather-friends are the types of “friends” who leaves you hanging in times when they feel like it. They’re called “Weather-Friends” because they’re like the weather – fickle, mysterious and indecisive. Well, I’m sure most of us have that one friend who’s always there to laugh with you but never there to buckle you up when there are heavy hurdles on the road. They’re not that bad, they’re just… unpredictable. Condemning them as hypocrites won’t be that much of an insult too, knowing that they’re not even sure with what and who they are.

Now, the question we all have in mind is, are these “Weather-friends” a parasite towards cliques? Or are they are just another lesson to be learned along the way? Basing our predictions on the definition, yes – THEY CAN BE – and that is if you let them. It takes a lot of courage and patience to deal with weather-friends because one day you’ll hanging like BBFs, the other they just stare at you with that cold, poisonous “weather-friend glare”. They may not have intentions, but I’ll bet all my gold that they sure can leave a cause.

Now, if y’all are wondering what the catch with this post is – you’re accusations are right again. We’ve all been deceived by a weather-friend who’s not even sure with what they want in life and who they are themselves. They’re lethal; I don’t even think they can contribute to the society. Don’t get me wrong – they can be the sweetest but can leave a rotten path if not stopped at once. Another catch and the most important of them all is I wanted to share and let other people know that these weather-friends only affect friendships that are weak and unsure. So backing-up your clique would be that much if you’ve got inklings towards a suspect.

It’s a good thing there’s the internet to give us guidelines to avoid these kinds of people and it’s a good thing they’re common – everyone’s had experience with these kinds of people but if you don’t, you might have to re-calculate your deeds because you might be the “weather-friend” that destroys groups.



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