During the boring afternoons of my May 2013, a cousin of mine went to see me and brought an invitation that changed my lifestyle ever since.

It’s more than a year now, since this Zumba obsession of mine changed the way I see myself in the arts of dancing. I remember it still, the frustration and doubt the first time we went to this crazy afternoon obsession we still do hitherto. It’s a workout, as they say, but I see it as a life-changer. It makes me feel boosted even after three or more hours of Z-marathons. Zumba has activated my interest for dancing and changed my lifestyle at the same time. It’s fun, engaging and it has lots of benefits not just aesthetically, but physiologically as well.

Ever since I started Zumba, I became more engaged and effective with all the other activities I have. I arrange my schedule and workloads in time just so I won’t miss a Zumba session. Zumba boosted me to organize my daily priorities into bigger and more useful outcomes too! It also made me interact with different kinds of ladies (and gentlemen as well) whom with I learned that it’s never too old to enjoy and have fun on an activity that was made mostly for health benefits. It also made my happy hormones more active as ever which made me see my workloads lighter! And to add the cherry to this pie, Zumba doesn’t restrict you to wear baggy and boring clothes. Bright and colorful shades is the catch! Be fashionable as you’ll ever be if it will make you feel better – it’s all welcome!

I know it seems too much, but it’s the way it is! It’s very much fun to dance to the pumped-up tunes that never get old which make it seem like it’s not a workout after all! But sad to say, I have been missing a lot of sessions lately because of my ever so bombarded school schedule (boo hoo!), but it’s all good especially if you have an instructress ready to adjust the session. LOL.

The latest venture I had with Zumba was the AquaZumba. Well, it’s the same rhythm and all but the hardest and ironically, the most interesting about this is, the dancers’ body has to be mostly underwater!






I KNOW IT SOUNDS AND LOOKS TOUGH AND IT WAS, but it was really fun!  Unfortunately, I had to use my phone’s camera to capture this, but if I only had the chance to let you guys see how much everyone laughed and smiled while dancing, it would sure be a sight to share! I also remember hearing (sorry, late!) that AquaZumba uses a “halftime” dance routine so that the dancers can follow the instructress’s moves!


With Mrs. Kristie Boni! I never saw someone who danced so edged yet so graceful at the same time. Sometimes, I dance and pretend that I look like her just so I can catch up with the steps. Lol! It’s also a plus point if you have Zumba instructors that lives up to the Zumba lifestyle, it’s an effortless transport of inspiration from one to the other. I just hope I could be that fit after few (or more than “few”) more Zumba sessions! Hahaha!

Till next post! Ciao!


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