Let it burn


Looks familiar eh? Well, if it looks extremely familiar to you, I guess you’ve got most of it right. And no, it’s not the same burn book we all know that has pictures of everyone you hate in it with their nasty descriptions, though frankly, I almost gave into my thoughts of doing that. 😉

So here’s the catch, I started this writing-mania last year, when I started a diary and finished it through out! Ever since I’ve got the hang of it, it never stopped. It was fun writing and releasing unhindered thoughts, though I still had my lapses. If I must say, it’s hard to make commitments like diaries but if you’re willing enough to pay that sacrifice, it would sure pave off after you finish it!

Last Christmas, a notebook was given by one of my closest friends in college named Angelica Chelsi D. Borja. We’ve done a Christmas routine called “Monito-monita”* and she got me as her receiver. Lucky enough for me I’ve got the chance to pronounce what I wanted that year though. Ha-ha! Sneaky. Knowing that it would take again effort to commit to a diary for the following year, it literally took courage to hand over my writing-routine to a journal for 2014 (Ha! You see, it’s not the same Burn Book you’ve been expecting for! LOL).

Most of the times, I find myself too lazy to even open my journal but when I find the nut to write on it, stopping is what I find difficulty in. I don’t stop writing until I can’t feel my hand anymore. It’s addictive – I’m not even sure if it’s already something I should be seeking help for given that I’m already talkative in real life (I know, so much thoughts, right? LOL). But still, my previous issue was, I did find it less-interesting than my previous material, so I’ve decided to pimp and posh it up a little bit.

“Burn Book”

Hmmmm. I considered taking the famous Mean Girls’ book because of three reasons: First, because I love Mean Girls, second, is because my words written in this journal consists of my current burning desires and for the last one, it’s of my chance to let every thought be burnt healthily. Isn’t that the purpose why every journal-writing-freak like me does it? Besides, it’s still a bragging right to finish a journal and reading it in the near future is what surely excites me!

So, for readers who are interested in creating and starting a burn book for themselves here are some tips you can follow:

1. Starting a diary or a journal is no easy job. Find your center for writing and release it unrestricted. You’re the only one who’s supposed to read it so don’t restrain yourself from writing anything you find uninteresting or unappealing!

2. Make it interesting from the outside. You’re going to hold onto your journal for a long time so styling it up a bit will be a sure help!

3. Detail is important. If a crush gave you something you’d like to hold onto, stick that on your notebook! The feeling will sure floor off soon (or not, lol) but a proof will sure put your future reminiscing a seize.

4. Don’t forget that it’s yours- it’s yours no matter what. Whether a friend accidentally opened it or someone intentionally read it, don’t let them take away your passion for your journal!

5. And for the last and most important tip I can give you… LET IT BE YOU. Let your thoughts own you when writing on your burn book. Let no other distractions or no one stop you from this writing on your journal. When you give that shot a try, it will sure be easy for everything to fall in its places.

So there you go. Have fun!

*Monito-monita- is a special gift-exchanging routine done by Filipinos to add a little thrill to the typical exchange gifts by setting themes to it like (e.g. something “creepy”, something “fluffy”, something “smelly”)


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