Do you want some milk in your tea?

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For the past few years of this generation, Milk tea hubs have been spreading and gaining undeniable attention by laymen’s eyes. Never have I been an enthusiast of things that are too “trending”, I only got the chance to tryout this endeavor quite a couple of months ago.

“I drink milk, I drink tea, but I don’t drink milked tea” that’s what I always say when I get too annoyed by friends who squeeze my hand whenever we’re heading towards a milk tea place. I used to think it’s such a dull idea naming a drink as a “Milk tea”. Aren’t teas always accompanied by some milk or lemon perhaps? Whatever the reason behind naming a drink, it’s a sure catch! Milk tea hubs are everywhere! Inside a mall, in and outside the school grounds – that should really give people some place to chill in without getting too conscious with the aftereffects of their drinks.

I must admit that I did enjoy that first Taro-flavored Milk tea sponsored by few evil friends, but after a while it won’t just stop there. It haunts me, and I crave for it! And because I know how tea could detoxify random pollutants in my body, I got the hang of it! Good thing about it too, flavors vary from shop after shop. Quite a venture in it eh? From that first Milk tea shop that I have been to, to the last new shop I have been, they always have that cute little something to add up to their charms!

I am not quite certain whether I am already a fan of Milk teas YET, but hey, maybe the next post will be about it too huh?! We’ll see!


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