College Life (Pre-post)


Before time consumes all the fresh memories that I now have, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you girls for making me know and appreciate myself more just by having you in my life.

The moment I saw this picture, it already took its stall on me. It’s just so candid and pure, like the rest of you all are. It’s special, given that we don’t go out that much and this picture most definitely shocks the heebee geebees out of me. LOL. And most especially, it was taken on that day when I wasn’t around, and that particular instance, made me realize a lot of things.

Before I even knew you girls, I was already certain about what I want and with what and who I am in this life. But never have I thought that I would see myself through others’. That’s for sure. We had our own ups and downs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of it – ALL OF IT. Every single, bitter, and outrageously hilarious bit of it. Some of our never-before-seen turn of events made us tough with each passing day, and all the other unique features of our friendship that makes us hold on to each other more is what I am most certainly grateful for.

We, on our mysterious ways, found out that even the nicest person can’t be trusted and those you can trust won’t be the nicest person you will ever meet. I am just thankful that even the most wicked and wisest impostor never broke our friendship. Nice try, eh? Talking about others’ mishaps & lives, the weirdest of things, the latest movies & songs is what consumes most of our time. But don’t get this wrong, doesn’t all group do that? Well, I’m proud yet again because we do that for the sake of knowing (or most of the time, entertainment, lol). But it stops there. Not unlike others, who do that for the sake of saving their own asses, right?

Getting enough with the mushy, thank you girls – then again – for the entire “sermon”, book-reviews, touching stories, advices, suggestions, violent reactions and all those times you stood beside me when life took its chance to beat me to the ground, and just by being there to laugh with me (or at me), or cry with me. No words can describe how thankful I am for not just having you in my college life. Because you girls, ARE MY COLLEGE LIFE.

I guess a funky, retard like me just never imagined having some people who are so prim and proper like you girls. You are the exact opposite of what most people see of me. But then again the irony of life gets us because you girls most definitely define me.


6 thoughts on “College Life (Pre-post)”

  1. Ma, miss na kita. 😦 Kamusta ka na? Miss mo na ba kami? Huhu. Alam ko bomba ako. Sorry na. Pero sobrang miss ka na namin nina dang.

  2. Ma, alam mo ba may lalaki na kami. Hahaha. Matutuwa ka ba? O maiinis dahil iniwan kami? Miss ka na namin talaga sobra. 😦 :*

  3. Ma, kumakain ka ba ng maayos? Ginugutom ka ba nila dyan? Pinapakain ka naman ba dyan? 😦
    Ma, susulat ka ha? Ingat ka dyan sa Marawi. Haha

  4. Ma, alam ko di ka na masydo nagbblog. Baka makita mo to sa december pa. Pero bago mo sana mabasa to nagkita na tayo no? hehe I miss you. x C

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