What Writing Is To Me

“I first began writing, because I wanted to record a way of life which I loved and which seemed in danger of dying away”

– Sylvia Watanabe

As I was rereading the first few life reflection posts on my Burn Book, I felt that inner rush to post this quote – that for me is very much relatable – and which apparently, I have also written on the second page of my journal, months back.

Both as an escape and an adventure – that’s what writing is to me.

Writing is the only escape I could think of in times where I feel that emotions to be shared with other people are too strong to be empathized with. It lets me jump into places, ideas, issues, and sentiments that reading cannot withstand alone. Though reading is something I do to distract my senses from things that I often times get irritated with, writing, on the other hand, gives me that special sanctuary that this world could never offer. Sometimes I write to myself, sometimes I pretend to write to others in certain cases that diverting the persona is a hindrance towards my emotion-release; sometimes I write to God, to Papeng, and to other persons or issues that I am currently gripped with. It’s just that “castaway” feeling of indulging your consciousness directly into recorded details that makes me feel enlightened and radiant every time I write. Sending of recorded details to someone or to something I am not sure of – is where is the adventure part of writing comes in.

Right before I even tried to be faithful to my diary, I always thought of people who write on diaries as people who don’t even know how to have fun. I, frankly speaking, still think that it’s such a dork way to spend your time with. But in reality, this “dork way” of spending your time is so much of a mystery and amusement in itself. Most especially in times of rereading your previous writings; it will make you reflect on your previous life issues in a detailed and funny way just by merely, reading it again. But then once more, these details aren’t just for the “fun”, it brings every issue of your life in their proper meaning and respective order just by writing about it now, and then reflecting how you bounced back from that crisis, afterwards.

Celebrating life isn’t just all that, it will be so much fun too to let yourself have a detailed glimpse of how the process of life sharpens you through the years.


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