Stress-free in One, Two, Three!

Three easy-to-follow remedies that can make you deal and divert your mind from current stresses in life!

1. Drink a glass of water.

We all might have heard of what the important effects of water in the body are, and what the beneficial outcomes it might bring us physiologically. Drinking a glass of water – most especially in times of stress or annoyance – will also help you to take a step back, and give your thinking a timeout from what’s causing you discomfort. It will give you a chance to reconsider both sides of the argument. And by seeing the issue outside your considerable point of view, this will make you steer clear from what’s causing you pain because, remember, perspective WILL ALWAYS MATTER.

2. Meditate

Imagine listening to the sound of the waves…”

Sounds familiar? As much as I want to make this sound easy, but imagining the sound of the waves or even trying to pause and imagine a relaxing scenario is hard, particularly in a busy-beehive type of environment. So, to divert your attention into a more relatable set-up, you can try to listen to every detail of whatever environment you have. Whether your location is amidst a busy street, amidst two persons loudly arguing, or even in a noisy market, trying to detail and decode bits of sound in your environment will surely help you calm your nerves (E.g. Trying to imagine your blood running through your veins, or imagining every droplet of water when it’s raining). Though this takes practice and deeper consideration of your current environment, this practice can sure help to make a tad of decrease on your stressed-out phase.

3. To productivity and beyond!

Bury yourself with things to do and to explore! Join (or create) activities beneficial to you and your wellbeing! Go beyond your comfort zone when it comes to finishing and doing tasks at hand. Still got a week or two before that term paper deadline? Why not do it now?! Still dreaming of acing that quota at work? Do advance reading for your enrolled courses!  Trying to get into those skinny jeans you have been eyeing for, for months? Start a new workout routine! Stop dreaming and start doing! By trying to put yourself amidst workloads and other productive things, not only can you contribute to your status quo itself but this can also bring you success without even trying to notice it! Anyway, success is still the best comeback, right? And besides, it’s a sure help not just for yourself but also for those who you were aiming to fire at in the first place.

Remember that even the most annoying person in this world don’t deserve mistreatment. You shouldn’t give in to your impulses without having second – or even third or more – thoughts on how you should deal with them. And never, ever let your mood degrade your manners!

So there we have it… three of MY most useful remedies for dealing with stress and annoyance! Just always keep in mind that stress is a thing with the environment – IT SHOULDN’T BE COMING FROM YOU!


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