To practice is to perfect

The first few weeks of my unemployment started, and are still, running on full-time internet dependence. To cut the story short, the influence of social media together with my gut to replenish my hibernating cosmetic pursuit has landed me farther from what I expected.

Although my budget is still tight and is aimed for employment purposes I have managed to save some for my new cosmetic endeavor. I bought two shades from Pinkies Collection’s matte eyeshadow (Skintone and Brown) to get me and my contouring skills in practice. I know these two aren’t really meant for contouring (and I am terribly sorry for that) but I really wanted to practice as soon and as frequent as I can that’s why I considered trying using some less-costly products.

Anyway, I have found out that these shades are really good not just for my “contouring” sessions but also it’s a great eye product! I have used it mostly for my interviews and it never gets bunged on the eyes (you see, I have a monolid set so most eye products gets clogged on my lid). I am not just sure whether its the matte effect, but it still is a great product most especially if you are just going for the classy daytime look. These two are definitely not the last of what I am going to get from Pinkies Collection’s!

Here is what the products look like:



YEP3.editedI love how these products come in a very light and handy package! The saleslady also told me that they can come in palettes, it’s just that there weren’t any available during those times (boo hoo).

Well, for my first few attempts to practice my contouring, I guess I’ll just have to consult Youtube more. Shall be posting them soon, too! Ciao!


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