Tools of the Trade (Artist Studio Makeup Brushes)

Disclaimer: The statements on this post are based on observation. The blogger do not mean (and will ever mean) to label, put down or disapprove anyone and anything those that are similar to this post.

Offering a wide set of makeup brushes, the Artist Studio Makeup Brushes are a set of less-costly yet great finds! The brushes displayed on their stall in Landmark, (I think Landmark is the only distributor of Artist Studio Makeup Brushes around North) showcases the basic tools on a lower price. Although I had doubts on how will these products meet the market’s expectations compared to its price, I still gave the Artist Studio Makeup Brushes the chance to prove itself to a wannabe MUA like me.

  1. Contour/Blush Brush (PHP 79.75)


  1. Blending Brush (PHP 69.75)


  1. Crease Brush (PHP 49.75)


  1. Eyeshadow Brush (PHP 59.75)


To be honest, these are the first official tools I have bought ever since I decided to pursue my hopes as a makeup artist. Although the only brushes I have are that of Bare Mineral’s powder and blush brush (the ones that I use every day), and a few brushes that comes in with the cosmetic packages, I still have nothing to compare it to. That is also why I looked it over the internet to learn a few tips on how to spot a good makeup brush.

BRUSH HAIR: Is it authentic or is it synthetic?

It’s synthetic. I also want to share how I had to spend a few minutes checking and running my fingers through the hair (I’m talking about the eyeshadow blending brush) of mostly those in front of the stall because some were already shedding (I knowwww!). Good thing I found one that did not shed that much. Fortunately, the ones at the back part did not – so I guess a few makeup junkies like me just wanted to test those that were in the front, right?

HANDLE: Plastic or wood?

The handle is made out of a light-weight plastic that is very much easy to grip. It’s also long and slender – which makes it comfortable to control your strokes. This kind of brush is also a must love because its sturdiness is the type that you can move and carry around if you’re going to include them with your daily essentials.


Well, for a very much affordable brush, this has its bragging rights for its density! It also made me wonder how its price can be enough for its quality, not that I’m exaggerating or what, but these are really awesome brushes!

So the next time you drop by Landmark, please don’t forget to see these babies and get the Artist Studio Hangover just like me!


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