Life outside the blog: Kuala Lumpur 2016 (Q&A Portion)

An overview

Before we went to Malaysia, I did my research to the whats, whens, wheres, and hows, and of all the ins and outs of the foreign land. There were some that were answered but mostly just had shares on their experiences in Malaysia. It sure is a nice experience being in a foreign but yet very similar country to where I am from. So, to help my kapwa Filipinos get a taste and learn a few from what I had, here are few of the questions I myself had, before we went to Kuala Lumpur.

Question: Is it similar here in the Philippines?


Need I say more?

To elaborate – yup. Pretty much everything is similar.

It was also very humid but like here in the Philippines, the weather can be unpredictable. I remember it suddenly rained while we were on our second day of the tour. I suggest you bring a jacket or at least a poncho, for we may never know…

Question: Are the locales, nice? And can they speak English?

Like every other place in the universe, it will not lessen you as a person to be the first one to be nice. A smile before approaching a stranger, a good morning or a warm “hello” before trying to ask for directions can definitely help you, big time. Lucky for us, we did not experience any “unpleasant” encounters while staying there and I’m sure that’s a sure sign that Malaysians are indeed, nice.

And they can speak in English, definitely!

Question: Where is the wisest place to exchange your money?


There are a lot of money changers in Kuala Lumpur. Have it changed with the money changers along the streets downtown, and don’t forget your receipt! Also, the exchange rates in the KL International Airport is a bit high. FYI. 🙂

Question: Are the commodities in Malaysia, expensive?

OK. Let’s start with the food. The variety of food we had ranges from 10 Malaysian Ringgit to 30 Malaysian Ringgit which is equivalent to PHP140 to PHP300+. Not bad, isn’t it? To estimate (except the dinner we had at Atmosphere 360), the total expenses for food of our 4-day trip will range to PHP 3,000 more or less. I told you! It’s not that bad. And of course, the here and there coffee and snack we had while enjoying the trip.


Here’s a picture of what we had at the Suria KLCC’s foodcourt. Daaang. It’s good. I mean, really good. Not bad for a 16RM worth per order isn’t it?

I also remember that not all fast food chains served rice, a lot of them had chicken, fries and a muffin – which I think is the best pastry I had in Malaysia. Too bad we were too tired to take a picture of that muffin. Or even the fast food chain, hehe.


A KFC meal. Can you see that covered maroon-ish dip right there? That’s what they call a Sambal. It is made from different herbs and spices and fast food chains serve their food with it. Sa airport nga lang ako nakakita ng Catsup eh. LOL. As far as I can remember this is worth 15RM or so.

Ooohhh! Before I forget, choose a hotel that has a bed-and-breakfast perk, saves you a lot of moolah!

Question: Where is the best location to book a hotel?

Apple Hotel, Jalan Alor is the smoothest place for you and your gang if you’re into “exotic” food of the locales. Right outside the hotel window you can see that the street is filled with vendors holding their menus inviting everyone – especially tourists – to come and eat at their place. Also, it’s near everywhere! Walking distance to the Petronas Twin Towers, the train stations, and a whole lot of shopping districts, if I may.

Hindi po ito Binondo, sa Jalan Alor po iyan. I told you it’s similar

So there you go… I hope this will help you with your Malaysia trip!

PS. The next post will most likely be about the places and a few quick tips, all of course, from a first-hand experience of the Malaysian hospitality and warmth.


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