Nars workshop with beauty experts| Seven months after

I remember seeing Rustan’s The Beauty Source’s post on Instagram and how much kilig it gave me the moment I knew it was free! Hahaha! You know, being a career woman with a cheapskate taste and approach to things, it was a relief knowing that Rustan’s holds these kinds of events.


| The workshop took place in EDSA Shangri-La, I was 20 minutes early that day – which is a good thing! Front seats, yay!

The signing up part is an easy-peasy. You need to fill-in details and preferred schedule, and voila! A seat is already reserved for you! Although during the workshop, the management still welcomed walk-ins, booking a reservation for these kinds of events is a must because you don’t know how crowded these workshops can be.



Attending a makeup workshop is a serious eye-opener for aficionados like me. It’s like watching a master create his masterpiece. Although at some parts I did find it a tad overwhelming (I had a hard time taking notes and pictures at the same time), it did made me realize that even in the practice of aesthetics, having your own way or style is vital.


| Here’s Archie Tolentino (as a surprise guest BTW)

To be honest, the workshop did not tackle things you won’t find on the internet, but the thing is, it really is different on the spot. The simple strokes you need to take note of, the techniques you need to apply, and the proper application and combination of the different products and shades, all of which in my opinion, should be witnessed personally.


To Rustan’s The Beauty Source this is one of the most creative stunt any customer-centered company I have encountered. It surely shows how much preparation you guys give when it comes to your customer’s needs (and interests, for that matter)! Cheers to you guys, and more power!


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