Nars workshop with beauty experts| Seven months after

I remember seeing Rustan’s The Beauty Source’s post on Instagram and how much kilig it gave me the moment I knew it was free! Hahaha! You know, being a career woman with a cheapskate taste and approach to things, it was a relief knowing that Rustan’s holds these kinds of events.


| The workshop took place in EDSA Shangri-La, I was 20 minutes early that day – which is a good thing! Front seats, yay!

The signing up part is an easy-peasy. You need to fill-in details and preferred schedule, and voila! A seat is already reserved for you! Although during the workshop, the management still welcomed walk-ins, booking a reservation for these kinds of events is a must because you don’t know how crowded these workshops can be.



Attending a makeup workshop is a serious eye-opener for aficionados like me. It’s like watching a master create his masterpiece. Although at some parts I did find it a tad overwhelming (I had a hard time taking notes and pictures at the same time), it did made me realize that even in the practice of aesthetics, having your own way or style is vital.


| Here’s Archie Tolentino (as a surprise guest BTW)

To be honest, the workshop did not tackle things you won’t find on the internet, but the thing is, it really is different on the spot. The simple strokes you need to take note of, the techniques you need to apply, and the proper application and combination of the different products and shades, all of which in my opinion, should be witnessed personally.


To Rustan’s The Beauty Source this is one of the most creative stunt any customer-centered company I have encountered. It surely shows how much preparation you guys give when it comes to your customer’s needs (and interests, for that matter)! Cheers to you guys, and more power!


Learning the make up ABCs: Let’s start with the BB Cream!

I know all of us have heard of how this 5-in-1 invention proved its excellence in the cosmetic market and how it lessens the burden of putting five separate products into one. But what does BB Cream really do?

A primer, a moisturizer, an age-defying product, a sunscreen, topped with the guaranteed coverage of a foundation – these are the nifties a German dermatologist has given the market by pioneering one of the prominent cosmetic products of all times.

Physician’s Formula’s Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil BB Cream promises both an escape to Morocco with glow-renewing benefits. It has enhanced the BB Cream by infusing it with the liquid gold of this generation.

After I have been introduced to Physician’s Formula’s Argan Oil BB Cream, I switched it immediately with my daytime moisturizer. After the first few tries, I noticed changes at first (like breakouts on my forehead) but after using it for some time (using it for two months straight now), it has changed my pale-looking skin (when not using makeup) into this satin-like finish even when I am not it’s not on my face.

Argan Oil BB Cream

Back Edited


Oh how I love, love, LOVE THE PACKAGING! Have I ever mentioned that my favorite color is Gold? Oh well now you know haha! It’s an archetypal, gold-colored tube that has a pointed cover – which is very much fit for its purpose. Well, I think it’s a perfect figure for a product that is advised to be well shaken before using, don’t you?


Although I have experiences from other organic products with funky smells, this one’s really not that bad at all. I mean, it does smell different with its natural, leafy kind of scent but it’s not that bad. Besides, the “odd” smell doesn’t stick around that long anyway.


I also noticed that even when applied generously, it will still give you the same coverage without making your face look cakey – which makes it an ideal base for the daytime look. Although at some times, I noticed that my face looked a bit oily than the usual (I have to admit on this one, my face is undeniably and extremely oily), so I guess it’s already a piece of advice for girls out there who wants to try this but has the same skin condition as I do.


If you already know that you have an oily skin but is still willing to give this product a try, just finish it off with a pat or two of your favorite powder and you are good to go! 😉

It also has a less-thicker formula than most regular liquid foundation which makes it very much easy to blend even if you are just using your fingers.

I would also like to take this portion as a thank you to my Ate Gien, for introducing me to this BB Cream and of course to Glow Bar! Hi Ate Gien! *wink*

Will I buy this product again?


Sadly, the only shades available for Physician’s Formula’s Argan Oil BB Cream are just two (Light and Medium). But regardless of the shades’ availability, I would still recommend this product as a must-have. As I have mentioned, this product is easy to blend without having to worry for its evenness on your face. That’s why the Argan Oil BB Cream is just wise for those who are looking for the right base for the daytime look (plus points for the SPF 30) and also for those who want to leave their skin glowing even if they are not wearing it or any makeup at all.

Sugar High’s Blissful Takeoff (Formerly known as Sweet Art by Trisha)

Make your loved ones feel that extra special loving, by treating them with some edible not to mention luscious and customized piece of art!

A young and sweet girl filled with passion and love for art, craft, and business, the 17-year-old Trisha Bautista first made her debut in the customized cakes industry through the name Sweet Art by Trisha way back 2013. The business that takes its clients to the cloud nine vibes then changed its name into a more crave-initiating tone, Sugar High.

Currently taking its stall around Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, Sugar High’s (formerly known as Sweet Art by Trisha) dealings started to pile up when Trisha’s family and other close friends saw what she did as a birthday gift for her youngest brother:

Photo courtesy of Sweet Art by Trisha
Photo courtesy of Sweet Art by Trisha

Above is a picture of Trisha Bautista’s first attempt to do a Fondant cake for her brother 🙂

Accepting their orders has undeniably made her more interested and high up in her craft. And through imaginative and even unusual requests from clients, the desire for learning and improving has only made her the artiste she is today.

With all pride yet genuine humility, Sugar High has managed to cater the diverse and distinctive tastes of its clients.

WARNING: Brace yourselves for a mouth-watering-type of scrolling!

Here are some of the cakes:

1379573_229325583892906_506230282_n1471288_247741675384630_1040580913_n (1)


11653474_10200565745863412_7107306_n11653341_10200565748023466_602350303_nHave I mentioned how Trisha Bautista sprinkles sophistication with every cupcake and cake she makes?

Here are a few of her state-of-the-art cupcakes:




Sugar High – although based in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, has also managed to reach and provide each of its blissful work of art within the different parts of the metro. What started as a hobby that accommodates family, has eventually and continually caters to friends, acquaintances and a local cafe. This certainly proves how they – or should I say, we- have been lifted to that cloud nine feels, provided by the Sugar High bliss.

Although its name changed, Sugar High’s quality and compassion towards offering their clients the best of its treats, never altered.

For reservations and other blissful inquiries, you can contact:

Trisha Bautista or Blessy Bautista

09226078949 (Sun) or 09174847540 (Globe)

You can also follow them on their Facebook page:

Facebook page: Sweet Art by Trisha (To be changed soon)

11647410_1607998589452889_928298068_nThank you again for tuning in! And I really hope you too can experience the Sugar High vibes, we Cabiao people are having!

Tools of the Trade (Artist Studio Makeup Brushes)

Disclaimer: The statements on this post are based on observation. The blogger do not mean (and will ever mean) to label, put down or disapprove anyone and anything those that are similar to this post.

Offering a wide set of makeup brushes, the Artist Studio Makeup Brushes are a set of less-costly yet great finds! The brushes displayed on their stall in Landmark, (I think Landmark is the only distributor of Artist Studio Makeup Brushes around North) showcases the basic tools on a lower price. Although I had doubts on how will these products meet the market’s expectations compared to its price, I still gave the Artist Studio Makeup Brushes the chance to prove itself to a wannabe MUA like me.

  1. Contour/Blush Brush (PHP 79.75)


  1. Blending Brush (PHP 69.75)


  1. Crease Brush (PHP 49.75)


  1. Eyeshadow Brush (PHP 59.75)


To be honest, these are the first official tools I have bought ever since I decided to pursue my hopes as a makeup artist. Although the only brushes I have are that of Bare Mineral’s powder and blush brush (the ones that I use every day), and a few brushes that comes in with the cosmetic packages, I still have nothing to compare it to. That is also why I looked it over the internet to learn a few tips on how to spot a good makeup brush.

BRUSH HAIR: Is it authentic or is it synthetic?

It’s synthetic. I also want to share how I had to spend a few minutes checking and running my fingers through the hair (I’m talking about the eyeshadow blending brush) of mostly those in front of the stall because some were already shedding (I knowwww!). Good thing I found one that did not shed that much. Fortunately, the ones at the back part did not – so I guess a few makeup junkies like me just wanted to test those that were in the front, right?

HANDLE: Plastic or wood?

The handle is made out of a light-weight plastic that is very much easy to grip. It’s also long and slender – which makes it comfortable to control your strokes. This kind of brush is also a must love because its sturdiness is the type that you can move and carry around if you’re going to include them with your daily essentials.


Well, for a very much affordable brush, this has its bragging rights for its density! It also made me wonder how its price can be enough for its quality, not that I’m exaggerating or what, but these are really awesome brushes!

So the next time you drop by Landmark, please don’t forget to see these babies and get the Artist Studio Hangover just like me!

Estēe Lauder’s Double Wear Stay-in-Place Powder Makeup

Estēe Lauder’s products have long been included in my family’s makeup practice. Growing up in a family with love for beauty and beyond, Estee Lauder’s brilliance in living to its promise over the years (during my mom’s and aunts’ time) has inspired me to this post –making a testimony from the past to the present.

Double Wear Powder Makeup 3N1 in Ivory Beige has a medium to full coverage but is a very light product to apply on the face indeed. Even with its coverage, it still did not look as cakey as I expected it to be. Although my face is naturally (and usually, lol) oily, this product gave me a semi-matte finish that proves its powdery smooth perfection even with my skin type. Although I haven’t tried using it for eight hours straight (which was, by the way, its suggested time-wear) I’m sure it would be just a tad of retouch to get me back to that powdery smooth perfection. Sponge-velvet.FINALZZZ

Sorry I forgot to put down my brush, I had to use  it because I don’t want to spoil my dual-sided applicator yet, haha!

Speaking of which, this product has a dual-sided applicator that can set you up from the essential foundation with “powdery-smooth perfection” by using the sponge side (left side of the picture above) to the “finishing powder” finish you can use over some liquid makeup by using the velvety side (right side of the picture above). Here are some nag-iinarte pictures of mine using Estēe: EsteeLauderNagiinartePic.edited Unfortunately, I forgot to take some before-after pictures. So let me just make it up to you the next time I use this one soon… EsteeLauderFRONTThank you again for tuning in, if you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to let me know! Till next post, ciao!

Daytime Wickedness

Daytime Wickedness is a simple yet a very edgy daytime look fit for those who have a tight schedule! Although I know this look breaks the typical posts running on your summer feed as for now, but you know me and my pleasure with resisting patterns, haha!

This makeup look is one of my much loved indeed. It’s just the usual Smoky Eye glammed up with a winged-eyeliner. It only took me more or less five minutes to prep up my eyes and I already feel great about it without having hesitations if it will look flabby during the day!


Here are the other angles:


Although it looks so light on the pictures, I am pretty sure it looked much darker in real life, haha! But anyhow, I’d just like to share how deeply enthusiastic I am with how a smoky-eye plus a winged-eyeliner, together with a nude shaded lips, can revive the glamour-puss in me – or in anybody! And the best part of it is, it only took me less than 10 minutes to finish this routine!

The products that I used (these are mainly for the eyeshadow, obviously, I haven’t perfected the craft of the “perfect eyebrow”. Maybe soon, yeah? LOL):

  • Pinkies Collection in Skintone
  • Pinkies Collection in Brown for the crease (You notice now how I am in love with these products huh? LOL)
  • Revlon Perle Eyeshadow
  • Clinique Eyeshadow duo in Frosted Lily
  • Avon Extralasting Liquid Eyeliner

To practice is to perfect

The first few weeks of my unemployment started, and are still, running on full-time internet dependence. To cut the story short, the influence of social media together with my gut to replenish my hibernating cosmetic pursuit has landed me farther from what I expected.

Although my budget is still tight and is aimed for employment purposes I have managed to save some for my new cosmetic endeavor. I bought two shades from Pinkies Collection’s matte eyeshadow (Skintone and Brown) to get me and my contouring skills in practice. I know these two aren’t really meant for contouring (and I am terribly sorry for that) but I really wanted to practice as soon and as frequent as I can that’s why I considered trying using some less-costly products.

Anyway, I have found out that these shades are really good not just for my “contouring” sessions but also it’s a great eye product! I have used it mostly for my interviews and it never gets bunged on the eyes (you see, I have a monolid set so most eye products gets clogged on my lid). I am not just sure whether its the matte effect, but it still is a great product most especially if you are just going for the classy daytime look. These two are definitely not the last of what I am going to get from Pinkies Collection’s!

Here is what the products look like:



YEP3.editedI love how these products come in a very light and handy package! The saleslady also told me that they can come in palettes, it’s just that there weren’t any available during those times (boo hoo).

Well, for my first few attempts to practice my contouring, I guess I’ll just have to consult Youtube more. Shall be posting them soon, too! Ciao!