The Beauty of Innocence

Death is the only thing that can separate a mother to her young - that's what I used to believe. Having to experience the irrevocable nature of life and death, life handed me over to maturity at a very young age by losing my Mama. But what is worse than having a living mother who… Continue reading The Beauty of Innocence



"Baka sensitive lang s'ya" (Maybe she's just sensitive) Wait. WHAT? My thoughts automatically shut as I stared with wide eyes at a colleague who was explaining to me something she retrieved from a meeting. After the words sunk like hard metal on my throat, the rest of the conversation easily dissolved into blur. BAKA. SENSITIVE.… Continue reading YOU. SUCK.

Adult-ing (-ish)

Sitting alone in a café, calmly drinking my Java Chip that is plotted to be consumed within the next two hours while I gradually encode those that are still for my reports. Never have I imagined myself doing these clichéd things you see in movies and in the malls. I stopped what I was doing… Continue reading Adult-ing (-ish)

Life outside the blog: The Return

New endeavors, same old self. As I breathe in and out the regret going through life outside this blog, (and more importantly, outside a journal) I slowly realized that maybe it's time to start writing again. Same old self with a whole lot of new pursuits is what lied before me. There were some challenges that I have gone… Continue reading Life outside the blog: The Return

The Weather-friend

I’ve been meaning to write and conjure up thoughts about this but I’ve been losing words that could let all the readers know what a Weather-Friend is. So, as a certainty to my doubts, I collected glimpses of information from my friends as to what a “Weather-Friend” means to them: “Yung hindi mapakali sa friends.… Continue reading The Weather-friend