Life outside the blog: The Big Bang Theory


“People say you can’t live without love…

I think Oxygen is more important “- Sheldon Cooper

From the quote above, I think you will already have an inkling on how The Big Bang Theory goes. GAHD HOW I LOVE THIS SHOW! *sorry I just had to release that*

To start upfront, this show took me by surprise. 2016 sure would be a memorable one because of this show right here. I used to have a different taste with the things (actually, I still do) I lay my eyes upon. Books, TV shows, literature, and all that are endeavors of mine that are not that consistent in terms of their genre. My interests can range from History to Bobbi Brown real quick and from there, you may notice that I AM NOT A FAN OF TV SERIES. Hahaha! But this show… this show that is the perfect combination of genius, humor, and an asshole who seem to put everyone off with the just the right timing.

Obviously, I love this show. What now?

Is it the humor? Is it the cast members?  The story? The soundtrack perhaps? Or is it just sign that I, myself, can appreciate “nerd jokes” too because I too, am a nerd? Well, boo you whore ’cause I’m a Mean Girl too.

For us to know what is really going on, let’s do it the way I usually do, let’s try to run things down here real quick:



Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter and Penny Hofstadter

These three main characters aimed what they are eyeing for that’s what I can tell. Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco sure did exceptional work with the three leading roles to the point that I always had to correct myself for naming Jim as Sheldon, Leonard for Johnny, and Penny for Kaley everytime I see them outside the TV Show! If I would rate these three out of a 10 I sure would give them 9 (and the remaining 1 will be reserved till the rest of the The Big Bang Theory’s end, ’cause ya know, I still feel like they are going to do a great job for it).



Rajesh Koothrappali and Howard Wolowitz

Thor and Doctor Jones… 

Thor and Doctor Jones…

One plays with lightning

The other plays with bones

All right. If you sung the lyrics and got it stuck in your head, allow me to introduce myself ’cause you my love, has won a friend.

I’m not trying to be a racist here, but they just had to put an Indian and a Jew on the sitcom. Pretty much complements everything… I repeat, everything. The show would just be another show that stereotypes blonde bimbos and nerd wannabes if it were not for the supporting characters. The bromance they had before their partners came in were just dead hilarious! Pretty much identifies that even the most provocative duos can be, you know, sensitive. 


Bernadette Rostenkowski and Amy Farrah Fowler

The feistiest and the best of friends Penny will ever have. If Raj and Howard’s roles complements the three principal casts, may I also say that these girls right here cherries the package (I’m so sorry Emily)! Bernadette’s caring nature and Amy’s innocence and pursuits to come out of her “nerd shell” are just few to watch out for!

Aside from the outstanding performances of the actors, I also would like to take into consideration the minds who created such ingenious masterpiece. From plot, down to the characters, even with the slightest detail of Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment, were they very particular on how to play with such. The boards Sheldon and Leonard has sure has some equations that can (or will) be finished at the end of every turn – AND THEY ARE SO FUHREAKING HILARIOUS!

The combination of each conflicting personality is also something we should mention. From the principal characters to the recurring guesting of some mentioned names are something to look forward to every episode.

I guess it all boils down how this masterpiece showcases the brilliant minds behind it. To the team who pushed through with The Big Bang Theory… THANK YOU! You are an admiration to all!

Have I already mentioned how I love this show? Haha!

*photos are not mine, sorry!

One of the few I envy

Sometimes, I envy people who lived in ancient times.

In ancient times when people gazed up each night because they can see numbers of stars alight

In ancient times when people lived their days with so much to see

In ancient times when people appreciated the beauty of nature without having to spoil it

In ancient times when people used the path of the Sun and the Moon for directions

In ancient times when people knew what they had and worked it out almost perfectly

In ancient times when people existed with strikes of awe for the splendor of their surroundings

In ancient times when people moved and worked so cleverly yet mysteriously

In ancient times when people were smart enough to build works of art measured by the stars

In ancient times when people were motivated to live by their own

In ancient times when people had a night sky filled with stars

In ancient times when people had sophistication without being measured by numbers

In ancient times when people had genuine intellect without the preceding costs

Getting back to the existing world, who are we to question their knowledge through the works of art we can dig up in each and every part of the world? When our inventions and works of genius were considered normal during their time? Isn’t this a proof that all it takes for us, to be pioneering as they were, is to value the beauty and simplicity of the night sky and work on our wildest imagination?

Sugar High’s Blissful Takeoff (Formerly known as Sweet Art by Trisha)

Make your loved ones feel that extra special loving, by treating them with some edible not to mention luscious and customized piece of art!

A young and sweet girl filled with passion and love for art, craft, and business, the 17-year-old Trisha Bautista first made her debut in the customized cakes industry through the name Sweet Art by Trisha way back 2013. The business that takes its clients to the cloud nine vibes then changed its name into a more crave-initiating tone, Sugar High.

Currently taking its stall around Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, Sugar High’s (formerly known as Sweet Art by Trisha) dealings started to pile up when Trisha’s family and other close friends saw what she did as a birthday gift for her youngest brother:

Photo courtesy of Sweet Art by Trisha
Photo courtesy of Sweet Art by Trisha

Above is a picture of Trisha Bautista’s first attempt to do a Fondant cake for her brother 🙂

Accepting their orders has undeniably made her more interested and high up in her craft. And through imaginative and even unusual requests from clients, the desire for learning and improving has only made her the artiste she is today.

With all pride yet genuine humility, Sugar High has managed to cater the diverse and distinctive tastes of its clients.

WARNING: Brace yourselves for a mouth-watering-type of scrolling!

Here are some of the cakes:

1379573_229325583892906_506230282_n1471288_247741675384630_1040580913_n (1)


11653474_10200565745863412_7107306_n11653341_10200565748023466_602350303_nHave I mentioned how Trisha Bautista sprinkles sophistication with every cupcake and cake she makes?

Here are a few of her state-of-the-art cupcakes:




Sugar High – although based in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, has also managed to reach and provide each of its blissful work of art within the different parts of the metro. What started as a hobby that accommodates family, has eventually and continually caters to friends, acquaintances and a local cafe. This certainly proves how they – or should I say, we- have been lifted to that cloud nine feels, provided by the Sugar High bliss.

Although its name changed, Sugar High’s quality and compassion towards offering their clients the best of its treats, never altered.

For reservations and other blissful inquiries, you can contact:

Trisha Bautista or Blessy Bautista

09226078949 (Sun) or 09174847540 (Globe)

You can also follow them on their Facebook page:

Facebook page: Sweet Art by Trisha (To be changed soon)

11647410_1607998589452889_928298068_nThank you again for tuning in! And I really hope you too can experience the Sugar High vibes, we Cabiao people are having!

Stress-free in One, Two, Three!

Three easy-to-follow remedies that can make you deal and divert your mind from current stresses in life!

1. Drink a glass of water.

We all might have heard of what the important effects of water in the body are, and what the beneficial outcomes it might bring us physiologically. Drinking a glass of water – most especially in times of stress or annoyance – will also help you to take a step back, and give your thinking a timeout from what’s causing you discomfort. It will give you a chance to reconsider both sides of the argument. And by seeing the issue outside your considerable point of view, this will make you steer clear from what’s causing you pain because, remember, perspective WILL ALWAYS MATTER.

2. Meditate

Imagine listening to the sound of the waves…”

Sounds familiar? As much as I want to make this sound easy, but imagining the sound of the waves or even trying to pause and imagine a relaxing scenario is hard, particularly in a busy-beehive type of environment. So, to divert your attention into a more relatable set-up, you can try to listen to every detail of whatever environment you have. Whether your location is amidst a busy street, amidst two persons loudly arguing, or even in a noisy market, trying to detail and decode bits of sound in your environment will surely help you calm your nerves (E.g. Trying to imagine your blood running through your veins, or imagining every droplet of water when it’s raining). Though this takes practice and deeper consideration of your current environment, this practice can sure help to make a tad of decrease on your stressed-out phase.

3. To productivity and beyond!

Bury yourself with things to do and to explore! Join (or create) activities beneficial to you and your wellbeing! Go beyond your comfort zone when it comes to finishing and doing tasks at hand. Still got a week or two before that term paper deadline? Why not do it now?! Still dreaming of acing that quota at work? Do advance reading for your enrolled courses!  Trying to get into those skinny jeans you have been eyeing for, for months? Start a new workout routine! Stop dreaming and start doing! By trying to put yourself amidst workloads and other productive things, not only can you contribute to your status quo itself but this can also bring you success without even trying to notice it! Anyway, success is still the best comeback, right? And besides, it’s a sure help not just for yourself but also for those who you were aiming to fire at in the first place.

Remember that even the most annoying person in this world don’t deserve mistreatment. You shouldn’t give in to your impulses without having second – or even third or more – thoughts on how you should deal with them. And never, ever let your mood degrade your manners!

So there we have it… three of MY most useful remedies for dealing with stress and annoyance! Just always keep in mind that stress is a thing with the environment – IT SHOULDN’T BE COMING FROM YOU!

Toothsome Trio debut (November Picks)

Like every other girl born with an innate nature to be “kikay”, we all have certain belongings that we most of the time, overrate as something that we “cannot live without”. So, to let myself have a healthier relief for this narcissistic yet a very much relatable outbreak, I have decided to create a new segment for my blog so that I can show you little things that I am currently gripped with. Things that well, I am fond of per se. Little reviews are going to be under each product/restaurants/food/hobbie (or even persons, lol) so I hope that can help you guys pick some products for yourselves or at least to make you rethink your shopping routine as well.

  1. Bath & Body Works’ body butter in Moonlight Path

If I hadn’t run out of lotion that night that made me scan my dresser, I wouldn’t have noticed this body butter. It’s a great kind of incident you know, given that I don’t like sticky stuff on my skin (who does?). This body butter’s fragrance makes me feel like I’m in spa even if I’m just going to sleep. It helps a lot if you just got home from the office or school, or you just feel like having a great night sleep. It’s so soft on the skin and it’s not even greasy. Plus the flowery  and extremely relaxing fragrance. This paved a way through my thoughts right away when I was thinking my picks for this post.


  1. Avon Ultra Color in Matte Ruby

Well, people who see me most of the time, always have this expectation to spot me red-lipped – or at least something to brighten my face/aura up. I decided to switch my Rimmel Berry Queen over a matte just a few months ago when I got a Chan Leevi lipstick from my cousin. But then again, too much of everything can be a harmful thing to do so I decided to switch my lipstick to another matte and thank God this one’s a tad damp than the other one. I appreciated matte a whole lot more after I got this Ruby. It’s such a gem on its own. It’s a matte but its not too dry on the lips. I sort of get so lazy to do my makeup lately so a little help from a darker shade of red lipstick really helped a lot to make my everyday aura look a lot more awake.


  1. Blank Space

            I will have to be DIRECTLY HONEST on this one. I never was and never will be (as long as I can tell for now) a Swiftie. For the past few releases of her songs, it never gave me the ooze to download or to listen to it again. Never was I struck with love or addiction to her past songs. I don’t know, maybe her country-styled, always-talking-about-boys type of music isn’t something that my personality will approve on, but I’d have to admit that her latest singles did pound its way through my playlists. But who knows, maybe I do have that inner Swiftie lying inside. Keep on getting weird, T! Maybe I’ll download the album soon. Lol.


So there we have it! Till next Toothsome Trio, ciao!

College Life (Pre-post)


Before time consumes all the fresh memories that I now have, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you girls for making me know and appreciate myself more just by having you in my life.

The moment I saw this picture, it already took its stall on me. It’s just so candid and pure, like the rest of you all are. It’s special, given that we don’t go out that much and this picture most definitely shocks the heebee geebees out of me. LOL. And most especially, it was taken on that day when I wasn’t around, and that particular instance, made me realize a lot of things.

Before I even knew you girls, I was already certain about what I want and with what and who I am in this life. But never have I thought that I would see myself through others’. That’s for sure. We had our own ups and downs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of it – ALL OF IT. Every single, bitter, and outrageously hilarious bit of it. Some of our never-before-seen turn of events made us tough with each passing day, and all the other unique features of our friendship that makes us hold on to each other more is what I am most certainly grateful for.

We, on our mysterious ways, found out that even the nicest person can’t be trusted and those you can trust won’t be the nicest person you will ever meet. I am just thankful that even the most wicked and wisest impostor never broke our friendship. Nice try, eh? Talking about others’ mishaps & lives, the weirdest of things, the latest movies & songs is what consumes most of our time. But don’t get this wrong, doesn’t all group do that? Well, I’m proud yet again because we do that for the sake of knowing (or most of the time, entertainment, lol). But it stops there. Not unlike others, who do that for the sake of saving their own asses, right?

Getting enough with the mushy, thank you girls – then again – for the entire “sermon”, book-reviews, touching stories, advices, suggestions, violent reactions and all those times you stood beside me when life took its chance to beat me to the ground, and just by being there to laugh with me (or at me), or cry with me. No words can describe how thankful I am for not just having you in my college life. Because you girls, ARE MY COLLEGE LIFE.

I guess a funky, retard like me just never imagined having some people who are so prim and proper like you girls. You are the exact opposite of what most people see of me. But then again the irony of life gets us because you girls most definitely define me.

Do you want some milk in your tea?

milktea2222222222 994458_829583940393740_3924665890610281981_n

For the past few years of this generation, Milk tea hubs have been spreading and gaining undeniable attention by laymen’s eyes. Never have I been an enthusiast of things that are too “trending”, I only got the chance to tryout this endeavor quite a couple of months ago.

“I drink milk, I drink tea, but I don’t drink milked tea” that’s what I always say when I get too annoyed by friends who squeeze my hand whenever we’re heading towards a milk tea place. I used to think it’s such a dull idea naming a drink as a “Milk tea”. Aren’t teas always accompanied by some milk or lemon perhaps? Whatever the reason behind naming a drink, it’s a sure catch! Milk tea hubs are everywhere! Inside a mall, in and outside the school grounds – that should really give people some place to chill in without getting too conscious with the aftereffects of their drinks.

I must admit that I did enjoy that first Taro-flavored Milk tea sponsored by few evil friends, but after a while it won’t just stop there. It haunts me, and I crave for it! And because I know how tea could detoxify random pollutants in my body, I got the hang of it! Good thing about it too, flavors vary from shop after shop. Quite a venture in it eh? From that first Milk tea shop that I have been to, to the last new shop I have been, they always have that cute little something to add up to their charms!

I am not quite certain whether I am already a fan of Milk teas YET, but hey, maybe the next post will be about it too huh?! We’ll see!