Having every bit of reason to shut the fuck out of your pipe hole, I just decided to let you mortify yourself on your own. Spreading lies so that you can uplift your “status”, making rumors to justify your misfits, and behaving like a crazy-ass teenager - even if obviously you aren't anymore? Aren't these… Continue reading STFU



During the boring afternoons of my May 2013, a cousin of mine went to see me and brought an invitation that changed my lifestyle ever since. It’s more than a year now, since this Zumba obsession of mine changed the way I see myself in the arts of dancing. I remember it still, the frustration… Continue reading Zumbapocalypse?


TAGALOG TRANSLATED SONGS : Na I-stroke. (The Man who can’t be Moved) : BUSHING BUSHING! BENG BENG! BRATATATATATAT! (21 Guns) : WALANG PASOK (Joy To The World): MAGANDA KA? (Who Says) : WALA (You And I) : SEMBREAK (I love you goodbye) : Adobe Photoshop (What Makes You Beautiful) : Si Dagul, si Mahal at… Continue reading PROUD FILIPINO HERE!