Salted Egg Cheesecake Gelato by Manila Creamery

A brilliant breakthrough to the world of gelato by incorporating rich, adventure-filled, local flavours. Manga, Suman at Latik, Tinutong na Kanin – a few of what Manila Creamery has to offer. It may not be dessert material but hey, Manila Creamery says otherwise.


| Salted Egg Cheesecake Gelato

I have a thing for favourites and Manila Creamery broke my limits for it. Let’s break it down a bit:

It’s a cheesecake gelato, and as if that is not enough, it is topped with salted egg caramel sauce.

Is it me or did I hear angels sing?

It has a rich and smooth texture without flavours overpowering each other. The Salted Egg sure was present, complimented with the chewiness cheesecakes are known for (hello generous chunks of graham), blended altogether by the light but rich flavour of the cheesecake gelato.

Manila Creamery has that kind of appeal that throws customers completely off guard in a greater sense. I can feel that I am now a total convert and I just can’t wait for more upcoming flavours from these guys!


Ally’s All-Day Breakfast

Can there be any more comforting than a table full of warm breakfast waiting for you?

Breakfast is always a good idea anytime, anywhere. On slow down days like a Saturday morning, when you just want to relax and savor the incoming weekend, a warm and welcoming breakfast hits up extra excitement to most ears. Good thing about it is, they are not that difficult to find any more.

Waffles, pancakes, Tapsilog – all of it awaits your visit at Ally’s All-Day Breakfast. Whether you’re in for the milkshake or a cup of joe, they got you covered!

| Freshly made Waffles slathered in Speculoos and a scoop of good old VNL. Who says we cannot eat our sweets in the morning?

|Tocilog. Is. Always. A. Good. Idea.

For the longest time that I have looked for a good place to relax and enjoy an authentic breakfast, served ALL DAY by the way, I guess Ally’s All-Day Breakfast goes straight up to my list (too bad I only discovered Ally’s a little too late, boo hoo).

They have milkteas, and all the other kinds of Silogs everybody craves for once in a while. Come in there wearing your Pajamas or your Monday Dress Up and never feel out of place!

Ally’s All-Day Breakfast Branches:

G/F Manhattan Parkway, Araneta Center, Cubao

31 Pongiac Street, Fairview Park, QC

22 Malingap Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City

69 Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue, Marikina City

Yabu’s Molten Lava Cake

Yabu: House of Katsu has long been in the metro’s food scene. The exquisite taste of their house favorites, the ambiance, and their superb service surely explains why Filipinos fell for the Katsu hype in a jiffy.

One of the downsides of having the best in one dish is that the other parts of the menu are being underestimated. Moral of the story, after the many times I have been in Yabu, gobbling over Katsus and feasting over their unlimited Cabbage, this is the first time I dared to order something different.

Lava Cake 2

| Yabu’s Molten Lava Cake. Not wanting to sound bias here but Yabu can’t seem to give me enough reasons to always want to come back. #ButReally

The gooey and warmly-served Lava Cake is in itself exquisite but serving this with Miso Butterscotch? Bliss. Never have I enjoyed a Lava Cake that filled my taste bud with dimensions. I know that sounds a little tacky but I guess this is me trying to hand over the challenge to you. So, the question is, when are you going to try Yabu’s not-so-hidden gem?

Sugar High’s Blissful Takeoff (Formerly known as Sweet Art by Trisha)

Make your loved ones feel that extra special loving, by treating them with some edible not to mention luscious and customized piece of art!

A young and sweet girl filled with passion and love for art, craft, and business, the 17-year-old Trisha Bautista first made her debut in the customized cakes industry through the name Sweet Art by Trisha way back 2013. The business that takes its clients to the cloud nine vibes then changed its name into a more crave-initiating tone, Sugar High.

Currently taking its stall around Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, Sugar High’s (formerly known as Sweet Art by Trisha) dealings started to pile up when Trisha’s family and other close friends saw what she did as a birthday gift for her youngest brother:

Photo courtesy of Sweet Art by Trisha
Photo courtesy of Sweet Art by Trisha

Above is a picture of Trisha Bautista’s first attempt to do a Fondant cake for her brother 🙂

Accepting their orders has undeniably made her more interested and high up in her craft. And through imaginative and even unusual requests from clients, the desire for learning and improving has only made her the artiste she is today.

With all pride yet genuine humility, Sugar High has managed to cater the diverse and distinctive tastes of its clients.

WARNING: Brace yourselves for a mouth-watering-type of scrolling!

Here are some of the cakes:

1379573_229325583892906_506230282_n1471288_247741675384630_1040580913_n (1)


11653474_10200565745863412_7107306_n11653341_10200565748023466_602350303_nHave I mentioned how Trisha Bautista sprinkles sophistication with every cupcake and cake she makes?

Here are a few of her state-of-the-art cupcakes:




Sugar High – although based in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, has also managed to reach and provide each of its blissful work of art within the different parts of the metro. What started as a hobby that accommodates family, has eventually and continually caters to friends, acquaintances and a local cafe. This certainly proves how they – or should I say, we- have been lifted to that cloud nine feels, provided by the Sugar High bliss.

Although its name changed, Sugar High’s quality and compassion towards offering their clients the best of its treats, never altered.

For reservations and other blissful inquiries, you can contact:

Trisha Bautista or Blessy Bautista

09226078949 (Sun) or 09174847540 (Globe)

You can also follow them on their Facebook page:

Facebook page: Sweet Art by Trisha (To be changed soon)

11647410_1607998589452889_928298068_nThank you again for tuning in! And I really hope you too can experience the Sugar High vibes, we Cabiao people are having!

Looking For Alaska – An Unsolicited Book Review

Christmas Break! It’s that time of the year when books are to be returned to libraries in replacement of the to-be-busy festive of the upcoming holiday. As I was about to leave our university’s library, a student assistant, who coincidentally had to be my previous PE classmate, mentioned a far-fetched privilege I just had to have that day. Students have this chance to borrow up to three books for a due that was weeks after. Still stunned by the crazy, spontaneous and about-to-be-abused idea, I really did not have the time to scan around the library so I decided to push against fate to whatever it was on the counter. Lucky enough, I found myself reading the title of this black book that was on top of the “return” pile that day. Though this was not the first of what I have read of John Green’s, this was the sure first that felt close to my senses.

Looking For Alaska is not the first of its kind – I’m sure of that. But the “novel” kind of approach really did have its impact on what it sets to portray on a very heartfelt manner. Basing on the title, I sure did had a hunch on how the story will go, but again setting it on a creative and incredibly ingenious type of approach managed its way to my interest on a simple yet reflective way. The title did not really reveal much of what it really is, but I guess that made its mystery a tad more compelling.


Not wanting to be a spoiler, but I just really want to share my deep appreciation for how John Green has managed to bring life – but not too fictitious – to the characters. It did unveil how teenagers would behave and how, given the complexity of this life, can bring them all together in an instant. I mean, how a, should I say, a “nobody” like Pudge Halters had manage to be with such an adventurous crew like that of the Colonel’s. But that’s just the simplest of it all.

The other thing I truly admire is the way that the author had managed to visualize and bring life to a character like that of Alaska Young’s. She’s smart, but yet she had her shortcomings too. She’s tough but what others does not seem to be aware about is that she just seems tough, but she could be a fur ball too deep down. And that’s the truth about life. People may act as the toughest, but then again it’s just that sometimes, there are just excuses – plausible ones – that make them act like they just not give a damn at all. Another thing that made me love Alaska Young’s character is that she most definitely broke that thin line between being a good-ass and a bad-ass for a teenager. I mean, that was a sure hit for me. A girl can be both smart and crazy and that does not (and will never) mean it’s just one out of the other.

To stop myself from further spoiling tendencies, I have gathered enough guts to give personal responses on “some intentionally vague and discussion questions” from Looking For Alaska:

Q: Is forgiveness universal? Is forgiveness readily available to all people, no matter the circumstances? Is it possible for the dead to forgive the living, and for the living to forgive the dead?

Yes. I’d have to agree that forgiveness is both universal and is readily available to all people. But I guess that it’s a case-to-case basis that would depend on some unrelated factors pre-, peri-, and post- the “forgiving” period. I agreed that forgiveness is universal because I support and believe that humans are naturally born with an innate likeness to be good and that goodness exhausts even with dark “forces” around us. But humans, as I believe, are also naturally skeptic, lessening the odds of accepting apologies from people who might or might not seek it.

For the possibility of the dead forgiving the living and the living forgiving the dead, I say it would be a yes too. Based on experience, though I cannot say that I have fully grasped the “true” –whether it’s existing or not – meaning of forgiveness, but what I can share with you is that time does help a lot with this. It helps us people lessen the hatred and seize more enlightenment, and it helps us divert our senses to other worth-while tricks that the world can offer.

Q: I would argue that both in fiction and in real life, teenage smoking is a symbolic action. What do you think it’s intended to symbolize, and what does it actually end up symbolizing? Why would anyone ever pay money in exchange for the opportunity to acquire lung cancer and/or emphysema?

I think teenage smoking symbolizes rebellion. Most of the time, I think teenagers who smoke or who are interested in smoking have this view that the world will respect and consider them as adults if they do what the adults are doing too. Maybe it brings them confidence, not just with how the world would see them if they are considered “smoking” but maybe just mere confidence that they can do whatever it is to do just because they can lit one up. And to answer the last question, I just think they ignore it. You know, to make them look like someone who doesn’t give a shiz. Besides, a vice is still a vice no matter how expensive or deadly it is. When someone is indulged in the thinking that their “habit” is something that they cannot live without, it’s just them and their world. No matter how hard people try to get them out of their sinkhole, it’s just them and their “habit.”

So, top this post a cherry of unsolicited advice, Looking For Alaska is a book to recommend. Its twists has its creative way of putting the reader on the edge of their seats, though this book didn’t use profound euphemisms or whatsoever glittery-pompoms, its turn of events are something to watch or read for.  Most certainly an 8 out of ten.