It takes RISKS to be a Ris Basilio

Ask a kid what he wants in life and get multiple answers just for a single question. Now, does this kind of reverie exist only in the eyes of a child? I guess, not for me.

I grew up imaging myself to be a successful “something”, to be the best in “something”, yet as I began weary lurking through pages and pages of books and WebPages, I just got over it and told myself; I’d rather have my mind opened by curiosity over a closed one by certainty.

Bucketlists, you have them everywhere – people who share enthusiasm for a profession, people who crave adventure, and even people who seek assurance with other people who are believed to be their halves. It’s a good start for them to know what they want in life. It’s also a good thing they’re much assured that they’re bucketlists are the ones that can make them happy. I’ve never had a bucketlist, I never even had the gut to make one, but I have several things in mind.

People make me curious. The way they talk, behave, laugh, cry, and many other things that make them do what they do. The things that make people angry, hungry, sad, mad and all that things. It’s what makes me thirsty for what more is there to know. From a certain and very twisted viewpoint, my engagement in diverse set of activities have made me reach out for other things that there is to try.

At the age of 17, I have already gained my first work-experience. Meeting people that are far beyond my economic status made me feel what it feels like to be on their side of the world. People who have thicker greens than my dictionaries had made me grasp that strive do come before success – even in the dictionary – and success isn’t success without strive.


Thank heavens I have people who understood what I wanted to prove myself during those times in my life. I also would like to thank my enraged hormones as an adolescent for letting me go straight-forward what I wanted way back then.

My second and yet so ironic feat in this post is the blog that I am posting it in. I started this venture around July 2011. Only as a spot of boredom and a pinch of jealousy entered my system and Voila! Welcome to! A spot of boredom, because I was so tired of reading my hours away and craved of a new way to justify my unproductive afternoons. A pinch of jealousy because I see people who appear and look like successful people on TV has websites. And besides, it’s pretty cool having a safe way to bust everything you want to bust out on your customized web right? So, thank you WordPress!


Moving on, at the age of 18, I have become an actress. Being assigned on a character and being in another one’s shoe for just a day or two made me realize that there is truly a reason for everyone to behave the way they choose to behave.

As a child growing up in a family of imaginative musicians and musical-aficionados, I have only then and only then saw how my love for Dorothy and Frolain Maria made an impact as I entered their side of the world. It didn’t just make me love what I did but also made me smoothly stand out too. I will forever be grateful for my family who saw and sang The Sound of Music, The Wizard of the Oz, The King & I and many other musicals with me.


Well, the next one to be discussed is pretty twisted. Ha! I am on the cover of a magazine! I know it’s HARD TO BELIEVE but a girl can both be enchanting and ingenious right? *insert wicked grin here*

And for one of the craziest and huggable creature this universe will ever have, thank you Billy for covering my photo shoot!


Now, the last one is the latest and yet so vague ambition I had since way back then.

To be a writer will be always on the top of my want-to-achieve list (if ever I had one). I always believe in the power of words. It can do a lot of things for people, it could change them, it could break them, it could inspire them, and it could also change how a person lives his life. I guess that’s also why I started this whole-blog breathing thing but being on a printed sheet is a different thing. It will coat wide range of readers that has different view of the similarity you both have. At first it scared me, not because of what my words can do but I was pretty scared of what my words could employ on every reader that has diverse outlook in life. So far, I have received compliments that I never had before – even from those who seemed like they wouldn’t throw any compliments on anyone.

Well, to Reysa Rica Paligutan who squeezed it all out in me! Thanks for pushing me to join our school broadsheet!


SO THERE WE HAVE IT! I know these aren’t really that big-of-a-deal for other people, but these things are, so far, some of the highlights of the twenty years of my existence. I know we all have something to brag for right? So why be satisfied early? I suggest that we should keep reaching out for whatever it is that the world has got to offer! There are still lots of things I would really like to try, and I still want to experience the world. For whatever it is that the world will throw, stopping from what you want to be in your life will never make you reach that goal.

I know it’s not right to brag that I am never and will be ever satisfied, but that’s just the way it is. Sometimes this longing for new ventures helps, sometimes it’s not. It will always be how you handle it.



I want to vent. I want to vent. I want to vent. OK. I need a venti.

Time check: 9:03 PM

Date check: 9/16/12

I want to share it with the whole world. I want to shout all of what’s penetrating in my thoughts right now. I know this is too much to bear that’s why I want it to let go in a much safer way…

Ugh. Who am I even kidding? I can’t even find the brainwave to continue this without letting go of a few tears. Bear with me as I allow my flow of thoughts be, for once, the boss of this crap.

Right now, right at this very moment where I am sitting is somewhere you wouldn’t really want to be in. As I puff off my last contribution to the growing pollution, there is just so much noise and clattering, to the point that I can’t even hear my own thoughts. I miss my friends, and I miss my life when I’m with them. My life has never been productive as it is now, but why does it feel like it’s so, I don’t know… BORING? Does it really have to be this life-less?I come to school just to get a good reason to go home again. I wake up every morning just to get some decent grounds to get back to sleeping again. I feel so motivated to do all my errands just to pull something off on my day-to-day routine. I finish tasks on time and do chores in advanced just to say that I actually did something for a day. Oh c’mon, there must be something behind all these façade.

Cell phone. I just remembered my long-term-companion, Noki. Yeah. I named him Noki. Not just because he’s a Nokia phone but because… oh yeah. I named him that because he’s a Nokia. He’s been under my provisions ever since I was in second year high school. We’ve been through a lot actually. He served as light when I was in darkness, calculated not just my arithmetic but also my expenses, reminded me of birthdays, TV shows, meetings and such without getting tired, late nor impatient about it and there are still lots of things he did without a single complaint. Just last, last Saturday (September 1, 2012) was my first day to attend Teatro Fernandino’s workshop. During the rehearsals, we were assigned to do a scene with a falling panorama with it, and as a good girl with so much obedience, I did. Again. And again. And again. And to my utterly and heartlessly surprise, I forgot that Noki was placed on the back pockets of my pants. Need I say more? He was… ugh. That sight’s just too much to tolerate. Tears already ran down my cheeks without even a millisecond of that spectacle. Oh well, RIP Noki, your service will be forever missed.

Now that you’ve (or should I say “I”?) reminded me of Teatro Fernandino, that’s what’s making me more productive lately. I trailed over my first love! The theatre! Of course, without having formal backgrounds about the dos and don’ts of the theatre, I still consider it as my first love. I have always been a fan of the limelight and that is where I am going to be! I always dreamt of inspiring young ones just like I was inspired by so much talented and graceful theatre actors and actresses. I want to create an impact for the theatre and other fancy things about it. One thing is for certain now, with me having to do all these chase-your-dreams-marathon. I shall pursue my dream. NO MATTER WHAT!

For now, this flow of thoughts will have to end. I’m sleepy. And someone “unintentionally” broke into my house. But this is a sure fun. Well, for me. Ha-ha.



your princess-wanna-B.

Hindi ito para sayo; Huwag kang assuming

Akala ko talaga nung una, madali lang magsulat kapag Tagalog na ang ginamit ko, pero hindi din pala. Mas mahirap pa pala. Sa totoo lang, mas nahihirapan akong ilabas lahat ng sama ng loob ko kapag nagtaTagalog; hindi ba isa na itong senyales na tila unti-unti na akong nagiging… traydor? Hmm. TRAYDOR. Ni hindi nga ako sigurado kung Tagalog nga talaga yung salitang yun eh. Ano nga ba yun? Espanyol? Hindi ba’t banyaga din yun? Pati itong gadyet na gamit ko, galing din ng ibang bansa. Hindi ko lang kasi lubos maisip na pati mga social-networking sites na ginagamit natin araw-araw eh puro pagi-Ingles. Katulad ko, ni hindi ko nga maihayag ang nararamdaman ko gamit ang wikang Tagalog eh. Pati nga itong website na pagpapalimbagan ng articolong ito, banyaga din. Articolo… syempre hindi din ako sigurado kung orihinal nga bang termino nating mga Filipino yun. Pero yung totoo, hindi naman ako against sa foreign stuff (I told you). HAHAHA. Obserbasyon ko lamang ang mga ito dulot na din ng mga nakaraang araw na puro nga-nga lang ang nagawa ko maghapon, magdamag.

Ang saklap ng mga nasa balita sa mga panahon ngayon ano? Patayan here, patayan there, patayan everywhere. Pero mas masaklap talaga nitong nagdaang Linggo! Ay. Dios Mio! Nakakalungkot lang isipin na sa mga pagkakataong ito, ni gobyerno walang nagawa para hawakan ang nangyari. Halos lahat ay sabay-sabay na nagdasal para sa kaligtasan ng sambayanang Filipino. Masakit lang naman kasing isipin na ang isang katulad ko ay wala ding nagawa para sa bayan (naks). Pero seryoso, aminin kayo din ay na-guilty! Siguro kapag mayroon pang dadating na mas (huwag naman sana) malawakang delubyo eh wala na din tayong lahat magagawa upang tuluyan itong puksain. Pero I’ve got a feeling, yes, a feeling na baka pwede pa natin itong pigilan. Eh kasi, ang daming naman talagang UFO (Unidentified Floating Objects) noong mga panahon na naging Splash Island ang Luzon! Isa nga din pala sa aking obserbasyon eh ang pagdating pala ni Habagat na tila naging surprise shower-party for almost everyone! Mukha ba tayong hindi naliligo? Ang saya-saya pa natin habang ina-anunsyo na kanselado ang mga pasok, yun pala may kasunod na chenna na mangyayari. This is just so sad. Pero syempre, kagaya ng lahat ng pagsubok na naibigay na ng Nag-bigay, yakang-yaka lahat yan!

Kung sa pagtapon ng basura kung saan-saan eh nagkaisa at tinatamaan ang lahat ng tao sa Pilipinas at sa buong mundo, sa pagpigil at pagpuksa pa kaya nito? Oh well, sana nga talaga eh wake-up call lang ito ni Lord para sa atin at para sa mundo.

Well, reaching this point of my blog will surely prove you that this is just a random sheet. Ikaw kasi, basa-basa ka pa eh. Sorry, wala lang kasi talaga akong magawa eh! Ha-ha!

Distancing myself from the bumps of reality…


I’m thinking… you think you know me? Why don’t you try asking yourself that question again.

I have been in real pain plus exhaustion these last few days and I am not going to let that spoil my goal. I know that things in life will get twisted and tiring at some point of time but we should all be strong to face these tests with hopefulness and faith. People may come and go but we should also hold on as to where the rainbow will glow.

My mood may swing like the airs of the winter, but my ambition will shine and be firm like the rays of the sun. Sometimes I want to get things done, sometimes I leave things to destiny. This paragraph is becoming cheesy, I’ll just stop it for the convenience of the others… 🙂

I know most of you are wondering why I chose goofy pictures of yours truly for this post, and the reason for that is something I don’t know too…