Adult-ing (-ish)

Sitting alone in a café, calmly drinking my Java Chip that is plotted to be consumed within the next two hours while I gradually encode those that are still for my reports.

Never have I imagined myself doing these clichéd things you see in movies and in the malls.

I stopped what I was doing because of three points:

  1. The urge to write suddenly awakens (HA. Where have you been, old friend?)
  2. My ego said I should, because you know, it’s a café. YOU SHOULD AT LEAST TRY TO DO THIS and mainly because;
  3. I needed to reflect.

This is the point where I usually track my life with constant rantings and reflection. Where in the world am I? Is this maturity I am experiencing? Should I be proud of what I have been doing for the previous years – to date?

Ever since my university life ended, life has never felt like it’s on fast-forward. Career, education, bills, career, bills, bills, and another bill, usually consumed my attention and strive.

This is maturity.

I still want to study, to earn a degree of some sort that can help me be more effective in my craft – but it’s too expensive! To constantly travel with my girlfriends, to spoil my Papeng to the best that I can, to give back the love and support to my family – few things that still floats on my ledger.

I don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck anymore.

Of course. Everybody has their dream business.

In this era where technology and empowerment can be reached with the tip of our fingers, I want to venture out of my comfort zone. To have a stable backup plan, to have a name of my own, to create a legacy that can travel from mouth to mouth, all of which cannot happen overnight, of course. All of which cannot happen if all of every aspect of your life is still unstable.

Privacy is vital.

Ironic as it is, but even now that I am living alone, independent in almost every sort, did I only come to realize that privacy can be so expensive. Privacy isn’t always about having some time alone. It can be the slightest touch of information or the most infamous news about your life.

Living within the edges of privacy can be your ass-saving weapon at this point of your life. Like words, it can either make or break you. It can save your ass from a lot of explanation for people who are either curious, or just plain chismosa.

GTG now, Java Chip’s running out!

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The Major “Virtual” Turning Point

“It is good to love many things, for therein lies true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done” – Vincent van Gogh

Before we break down the lexis of my new tagline, let me take this moment to say my sincerest appreciation to those who have been avid readers of for the last three years: Thank you so much for reaching this point of my ramblings and unworthy posts, and for lending me your virtual ears. This is truly something I will forever value. And for those who just subscribed to my blog, I would like to extend my gratitude still. The mere fact that you are reading this right now deserves a heartfelt thank you.

Three and years and counting – that’s how long I have been blogging ideas, crafts, cosmetics, adventures, ranting, pictures, reviews, events and all that on Never in my wildest dream have I imagined that a day filled with pathetic insecurities and enraged teenage hormones will lead me this far. “Confessions of a Bored Damsel” being the first tagline for this blog, were the exact words to sum up how aloof I was with life way back when I started on WordPress.

But now, that I have set my priorities – not just with this blog but in real life as well – I decided to alter the posts that I will be publishing. If you are expecting me to delete or edit the previous posts here, well then you are wrong. Let us treat that as the past that WE CAN NEVER CHANGE. Hence, what we can change is the FUTURE through PRESENT TIME.

Breaking the thin line between geeky and beauty.

Breaking is the word I chose to emphasize the eternal state of things that are broken (literally and figuratively). Pieces might be brought back together, but it will never be like it was before.

The thin line, on the other hand, is my way to describe how very much parallel it seems to me both being a “geek” and “beautiful” are. This thin line parts mainstream beauty from those who are also priceless themselves.

Through Breaking the Thin Line between Geeky and Beauty only can I advocate that being a “non-mainstream” or by just being you, showcases true exquisiteness itself. This might include embracing awkward interests; even strange sets of interests, (like cosmetics and the cosmos, a punk rock enthusiast and a Disney baby, or by a being an environmental warrior and a style guru) will never hold back the genuine beauty we all have. I know for some, this may sound like the oddest of pairs, but I know I am not the only one who has them.

That is why I came up to object the clichéd concept of being on “that side” of a person. I personally would like to promote how being you – even if it is by being geeky – can be the only way of having true beauty.

PS. I am still working on a better header so, sorry for the quality as for now.


Today is just a big day for everyone… it’s the last day of the week, last day of our preliminary exams, last day for some of the deadlines imposed and some, that are about to party their last day of being single.

If you have been an avid reader of mine for the last few releases, you will surely have inklings on what I am going to share with you today. One of the closest friends I ever had is going to get married today! Though I knew her just for these several months, I already treated her as one of my sisters. A sister from a different mother. One of the friends who appreciated everything I am and everything that I am not.Although people see us as salt and pepper (who the hell knows which is salt and which pepper is), we are aware that we both harmonized. I never knew someone who is as sympathetic as her. Though my bestfriends are sweet and all, we were never sappy with our feelings. And just as fate lead us closer together; we will still have each other’s back for anything that challenges our way.

In just a few hours, our “Carissa Domingo” will be “Carissa Domingo-Pineda”. I am utterly thrilled to see and to be present in one of my companions’ wedding ceremony. Tears and laughter are surely bound to be seen and heard later for Issa.

For whatever it is to arrive, we all know that everything will always have to be according to His will. We should just be grateful, optimistic and affectionate with everything that leads our way.

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!

So long, farewell!

“Through the years, you’ve never let me down…”


I’ve been singing that song ever since our Chemistry class last Thursday (July 12, 2012) started. I don’t know what came to me that I have just been so crazed about that song. Since we’re lab partners, I was kind of the one who influenced this young damsel to also be crazed with that song.

Maybe it was the way Zsa Zsa Padilla carried it through the eulogy. Or maybe it was Dolphy’s memorabillas that came to me while Ms. Zsa Zsa reminisced. Whatever reason it is, one thing is for sure. A very touching speech about grievance and acceptance, the words were truly felt right through the heart.

Here is a picture of us being so bored on Chemistry class and decided to take random goofy shots of ourselves.

PS. Every picture taken was followed by a phrase from that song. Literally.