Looking For Alaska – An Unsolicited Book Review

Christmas Break! It’s that time of the year when books are to be returned to libraries in replacement of the to-be-busy festive of the upcoming holiday. As I was about to leave our university’s library, a student assistant, who coincidentally had to be my previous PE classmate, mentioned a far-fetched privilege I just had to… Continue reading Looking For Alaska – An Unsolicited Book Review


It takes RISKS to be a Ris Basilio

Ask a kid what he wants in life and get multiple answers just for a single question. Now, does this kind of reverie exist only in the eyes of a child? I guess, not for me. I grew up imaging myself to be a successful “something”, to be the best in “something”, yet as I… Continue reading It takes RISKS to be a Ris Basilio

The Weather-friend

I’ve been meaning to write and conjure up thoughts about this but I’ve been losing words that could let all the readers know what a Weather-Friend is. So, as a certainty to my doubts, I collected glimpses of information from my friends as to what a “Weather-Friend” means to them: “Yung hindi mapakali sa friends.… Continue reading The Weather-friend


Mean Girls was a film released on April 30th 2004 and is now, if I may say, one of the most sought-after films that influenced the lives of many girls who aspired, tried and inclined their life to the characters of this film. Most of us are familiar with this movie and what it means,… Continue reading HAPPY TENTH ANNIVERSARY MEAN GIRLS!

And no – not all guys are like that.

"When I was seventeen and preparing to leave for university, my mother’s only brother saw fit to give me some advice. “Just don’t be an idiot, kid,” he told me, “and don’t ever forget that boys and girls can never just be friends.” I laughed and answered, “I’m not too worried. And I don’t really… Continue reading And no – not all guys are like that.

Devirginized Shirley (uncut)

“No one dies a virgin. Life FUCKS us all” Funny how people judge so quickly, how they see themselves as critics of their opposite classes. Living in a world where everything new is a trend and everything expensive is a must is hard. In fact, it scares me. Or used to, I guess. Expressing yourself… Continue reading Devirginized Shirley (uncut)

Distancing myself from the bumps of reality…

I'm thinking... you think you know me? Why don't you try asking yourself that question again. I have been in real pain plus exhaustion these last few days and I am not going to let that spoil my goal. I know that things in life will get twisted and tiring at some point of time… Continue reading Distancing myself from the bumps of reality…