Toothsome Trio debut (November Picks)

Like every other girl born with an innate nature to be “kikay”, we all have certain belongings that we most of the time, overrate as something that we “cannot live without”. So, to let myself have a healthier relief for this narcissistic yet a very much relatable outbreak, I have decided to create a new segment for my blog so that I can show you little things that I am currently gripped with. Things that well, I am fond of per se. Little reviews are going to be under each product/restaurants/food/hobbie (or even persons, lol) so I hope that can help you guys pick some products for yourselves or at least to make you rethink your shopping routine as well.

  1. Bath & Body Works’ body butter in Moonlight Path

If I hadn’t run out of lotion that night that made me scan my dresser, I wouldn’t have noticed this body butter. It’s a great kind of incident you know, given that I don’t like sticky stuff on my skin (who does?). This body butter’s fragrance makes me feel like I’m in spa even if I’m just going to sleep. It helps a lot if you just got home from the office or school, or you just feel like having a great night sleep. It’s so soft on the skin and it’s not even greasy. Plus the flowery  and extremely relaxing fragrance. This paved a way through my thoughts right away when I was thinking my picks for this post.


  1. Avon Ultra Color in Matte Ruby

Well, people who see me most of the time, always have this expectation to spot me red-lipped – or at least something to brighten my face/aura up. I decided to switch my Rimmel Berry Queen over a matte just a few months ago when I got a Chan Leevi lipstick from my cousin. But then again, too much of everything can be a harmful thing to do so I decided to switch my lipstick to another matte and thank God this one’s a tad damp than the other one. I appreciated matte a whole lot more after I got this Ruby. It’s such a gem on its own. It’s a matte but its not too dry on the lips. I sort of get so lazy to do my makeup lately so a little help from a darker shade of red lipstick really helped a lot to make my everyday aura look a lot more awake.


  1. Blank Space

            I will have to be DIRECTLY HONEST on this one. I never was and never will be (as long as I can tell for now) a Swiftie. For the past few releases of her songs, it never gave me the ooze to download or to listen to it again. Never was I struck with love or addiction to her past songs. I don’t know, maybe her country-styled, always-talking-about-boys type of music isn’t something that my personality will approve on, but I’d have to admit that her latest singles did pound its way through my playlists. But who knows, maybe I do have that inner Swiftie lying inside. Keep on getting weird, T! Maybe I’ll download the album soon. Lol.


So there we have it! Till next Toothsome Trio, ciao!